And Now, A Fantasy Football Recap

Final standings for the regular season.


So as you can see, I am horrible. Last year I finished 8-6 and had a playoff appearance but this year a combination of bad luck and not enough waiver wire genius pickups cost me. But the best part of this season was the amazing jam of 7-7 records affecting the playoff chase. Well here’s what happened:


  • Calvin and Hobbs was eliminated from the playoffs by virtue of losing the season series to Hawkeye Nation (2-0).
  • Hawkeye Nation had split the season series with Pink Flamingos, so the next tiebreaker was division record, but both were 2-4 in the “AFC”. The deciding tiebreaker was “points scored”. Pink Flamingos score 118 points in defeat while Hawkeye Nation managed just 64.5 points. As a result Pink Flamingos nicked Hawkeye Nation for the final playoff spot by 51 points. Talk about backing in to the playoffs.
  • SabresBuffalo Speedfreaks went from out of the playoffs to the #3 spot after his win over Hawkeye Nation in what was essentially an elimination game, and he has the better division record than Pink Flamingos (they split the season series).


Amazing stuff. Now it’s time to unveil the playoff bracket:

#1 Norv’s Failslip vs. #4 Pink Flamingos

#2 Rex Ryan’s Underpants vs. #3 SabresBuffalo’s Speedfreaks


The Consolation Bracket:

#5 Hawkeye Nation vs. #8 Lose Forever

#6 Calvin and Hobbs vs. #7 Alaska Shadow


Lastly, some basic season stats:

Closest Game: Pink Flamingos 94.9 SabresBuffalo’s Speedfreaks 93.9 (Wk 12)

Most Lopsided Game: Hawkeye Nation 125.95 Lose Forever 57.15 (Wk 9)

Lowest Scoring Game: Calvin and Hobbs 69.65 Alaska Shadow 61.8 (Wk 12)

Highest Scoring Game: Norv’s Failslip 139.15 Pink Flamingos 118.4 (Wk 14)

Fewest Points Scored in a Single Game: Hawkeye Nation 41.5 Alaska Shadow 104.65 (Wk 10)

Most Points Scored in a Single Game: Norv’s Failslip 139.15 Pink Flamingos 118.4 (Wk 14)


I’m looking forward to saving some grace in the loser’s bracket, but all the attention is on the top four teams who earned their spot in the playoffs and the chance to win the league I finished dead last in.



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