Revisiting My Horrible College Football Predictions

Stop taking my predictions to the bank.


1.) Washington will play in a bowl game. This isn’t saying much since 6-6 can get you postseason play, but I’ll expand that by predicting the Washington Huskies play solid football and despite their holes (the entire defense) they finish 8-4 behind Jake Locker. Chris Polk will also rush for over 1,000 yards and stake his claim as one of the best rushers in the Pac-10.

Result: Washington finished 6-6 and will play in a bowl game. Chris Polk did rush for over 1,000 yards and he is one of the best RBs in the Pac-10.


2.) Dion Lewis will finish in the top 3 in Heisman voting. It’s a shame he’s only a sophomore because I want to see Dion Lewis as a Seahawk. He rushed for 1,799 yards last season and had a 5.5 yards-per-carry average. Lewis rushed for over 100 yards in all but three games and was the best player for Pittsburgh. I expect even better things this time around from Lewis and he will be a big Heisman contender.

Result: Injuries kept him in check and he did not reach 1,000 yards. He’s still a very good RB but unfortunately Pitt sucked this year and Dave Wannstedt is no longer the head coach.


3.) Rich Rodriguez will be fired/will resign midseason. Michigan’s football team is a mess and he has to go.

Result: He’s got one more game to prove himself.


4.) USC will not make a bowl game. I’m 100% certain on this one. In all seriousness I hope they rot again even with their “no bowl game” punishment.

Result: On the money.


5.) Boise State will play in the Nat’l Championship Game. For once the Broncos will get their dues and right now their track to the promised land is essentially controlled by them. They’re ranked #3 in the AP Top 25 after years of being ranked low in preseason. If they can get past Virginia Tech on the opening weekend and #24 Oregon State they’re pretty much home free because the WAC is ridiculously easy and….

Result: Even if Boise State beat Nevada they still would’ve missed out because the BCS is the worst thing to ever happen to college football. Playoffs, please.


6.) Ohio State will not make the National Championship Game. I believe Terrelle Pryor is very athletic and talented, but he’s overrated. Pryor was the hyped prospect out of high school and I think Ohio State fans would admit he’s not lived up to the hype. He makes some head-scratching mistakes some times and tends to force throws when he doesn’t. His erratic play contributed to some of OSU’s losses last season and I believe it is going to be their downfall again this season against a team like Miami or Iowa.


Result: Booyah. Pryor still hasn’t shown much improvement, either.


7.) Joe Paterno retires. Did you know Joe Pa is 83? Feels like he’s 183 and he’s still coaching Penn State. There is nothing I can do to back this prediction up other than say he will reach 400 wins in his career and ride off in the sunset with a bowl game victory.


Result: What? He hasn’t died retired yet?


8.) Les Miles is fired. He may be the worst game management coach in all of college football. The infamous Ole Miss/LSU disaster was entirely his fault and it’s frankly inexcusable in a close game. While I can’t distinctly remember the plays I’m certain they botched the end of the Penn State game in the Capital One Bowl by running screen passes in the dying seconds with no timeouts. That is a problem that cannot be fixed and his time will be up once he blows more games.

Result: Try as he might, Miles is probably here to stay as he limps along with his atrocious quarterbacks.


9.) Oregon will have at least 5 players arrested/suspended. I swear this school has become Miami West with all of the thuggery, fighting, and players getting arrested and/or suspended. It seems that Oregon has a rap sheet as long as their jersey selection yet they keep winning. They’ll win the Pac-10 again but won’t win the National Championship, that belongs to…

Result: Good behavior….bad prediction.


10.) Alabama 27 Boise State 23. The Crimson Tide will repeat behind Mark Ingram and Julio Jones on offense in addition to their dominating defense. Kellen Moore will be stifled by the pass rushers and will struggle to throw downfield against their DBs. That’s not to say it won’t be a blowout, and I think the Broncos will push Nick Saban’s side to the limit but come up just short in the end. They’ll gain plenty of respect nationally and Saban will leave Alabama for a failed coaching stint with an NFL team of his choosing.

Result: Well that sucked. But Oregon vs. Auburn is much better.


Total: 3/9 (1 pending)


That is unspeakably bad. Last year I correctly predicted 6.5/10 but this year I’m not even breaking 50%. Oh well, there’s always next year, and with the potential of an NFL lockout I’ll have even more time at hand to focus on college football.


Sound off.....

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