Falcons 34 Seahawks 18: And Frankly, Who Cares?

Who cares? Sure the team sucks but Charlie Whitehurst got semi-relevant playing time and played decent football. 8-16 for 82 yards isn’t that great but he got a rushing touchdown, showed great mobility, and threw some nice passes.

The crowd chanted “CHARLIE! CHARLIE! CHARLIE!” when he got the touchdown run. That’s a sign that Matt Hasselbeck is unpopular and while it’s sad to see the best QB in Seahawks history go out like this, he needs to go out any which way he can because he is a liability.

I don’t care if it’s Whitehurst in the long-term, I do care if it’s short-term and he has to start next week in Tampa Bay. Returning to long-term, it has to be someone not named Matt Hasselbeck. Seattle lost to a much better team today but Hasselbeck getting booed and then yanked from the game might signal a new era in Seattle football. Who that QB is remains in doubt but for the first time all season we have seen a glimmer of hope that it won’t be Hasselbeck in 2011.

To avoid controversy altogether, I am rooting for Hasselbeck to retire.


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