Pete Carroll: We’re Going With Matt

I hate being in the NFC West.

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck will remain Seattle’s starting quarterback, coach Pete Carroll announced at Seahawks headquarters on Monday afternoon.

Hasselbeck was removed from Sunday’s game after committing three turnovers in the third quarter. Carroll met with Hasselbeck on Monday afternoon, and he will remain the starter.

“We’re going with Matt,” Carroll said. “Matt has been our quarterback. He has been the guy that has given us a chance all throughout, and gives us our best chance to finish off right, and I’m excited in that sense that he’s going to pull this thing together with us.

“We have to play well around him. We’ve got to take care of the quarterback in all ways, protection-wise.”

Hasselbeck has committed 13 turnovers in the previous four games, a binge that has become even more pronounced the past two games. Twelve of those turnovers have occurred when Seattle was trailing, Hasselbeck then pressing to try and come from behind.

“We need not to get behind in games,” Carroll said. “We get in the situation where you’re so far down that it changes the way we approach it.”


Tank it. As of December 20th, 2010 I advocate tanking the season and improving draft position to get a quarterback.  I don’t care if Hasselbeck throws for 5 touchdowns next week, this cannot continue. We can’t just continue to rely on his experience and past glory days to determine he’ll bounce back. Last year he threw 9 interceptions and fumbled twice in a 4 game span during the month of December. This year he’s thrown 8 interceptions and fumbled twice in a 3 game span in December. It’s not gotten any better and Charlie Whitehurst has to start even if it means losing the NFC West.

It’s for the better. Play with Whitehurst and let him learn.


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