NFL Week 16 Picks

This is technically “take 2”. Somehow my post didn’t publish via Quickpress because WordPress randomly signed me out. Let’s get this done as quickly as possible. I went 1-1 over Thursday and Saturday with the Cowboys/Cardinals thriller being the one blemish on my record so far. Thank you very much, Cowboys D and David Buehler.

A story just breaking now — The Minnesota Vikings @ Philadelphia Eagles game has been postponed to Tuesday night on NBC due to the heavy snow forecast in the Philly region. This is one heck of a makeshift schedule for the Vikings in this last month, isn’t it?

Bears over Jets
Patriots over Bills (Patriots win AFC East and #1 seed)
Ravens over Browns
49ers over Rams
Chiefs over Titans
Lions over Dolphins
Jags over Redskins
Broncos over Texans
Chargers over Bengals
Colts over Raiders
Bucs 47 Seahawks 17
Packers over Giants

Falcons over Saints (Falcons clinch NFC South and #1 seed)

Eagles over Vikings (Eagles win NFC East)

THE LIVE BLOG IS HERE. Enjoy the penultimate weekend of the 2010 NFL Regular Season!


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