Fit to be Tied

Manchester United AGAIN blew a road lead and drew 1-1 at Birmingham. Why is it Manchester United have no losses after 18 games yet I’m so dissatisfied?

Because this team has now drawn 7 (SEVEN!!!!!) matches out of 8 road games. Let me list them for you:

2-2 @ Fulham (Blew a 2-1 lead and missed a penalty that would’ve made it 3-1)

3-3 @ Everton (A 3-1 lead blown with two Everton goals in STOPPAGE TIME)

2-2 @ Bolton

0-0 @ Sunderland

0-0 @ Man City

2-2 @ Aston Villa (2-0 down with 15 mins to go)

1-1 @ Birmingham (89th min equalizer conceded)

This is horrendous. Most of these teams are significantly inferior and this team cannot close the deal. There’s another away game this weekend at West Brom, a team that already drew Man Utd 2-2 at Old Trafford after being 2-0 down. These blown leads luckily get at least 1 point which is better than nothing, but if Arsenal and Man City start winning consistently then being unbeaten for a long period of time might be meaningless when you draw so many times.

Start playing better away and the title is going back to Old Trafford. If not then there will be trouble ahead. This has to stop NOW.


Sound off.....

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