And Your Fantasy Football Champion Is…..

Rex Ryan’s Underpants! Keith from KSJ wins the first ever SSR Fantasy League Invitational 96.55-70. This game was not terribly close and before Michael Vick even got a chance to play against the Minnesota Vikings the title had been clinched. Pink Flamingos (kt1000) was felled by his running backs.

Keith had a huge game from Jamaal Charles, whose two touchdowns and 77 yards put this one out of reach early. This decisive win could’ve been even uglier if he had started Aaron Rodgers.

Congratulations to Rex Ryan’s Underpants for winning the title, erasing a 2-3 start and climbing to 9-5 to end the regular season. Commiserations to Pink Flamingos, who despite backing in to the playoffs, made an improbable run to the Championship Game only to come up short.

In the 3rd place game #4 seed SabresBuffalo Speedfreaks comfortably defeated #1 seed Norv’s Failslip 93.3-69.5.

Can’t wait to do this again….whenever the NFL feels like returning! I’m sure I’ll improve from my stellar 8th place finish.


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