Apologizing For Rams/Seahawks

I’m apologizing way too much today but it’s the end of the year and I might as well get it out now. St. Louis @ Seattle is the final regular season game of the year and it’s for the NFC West. And for that, I’m sorry this is on NBC for the nation to watch.

I’m sorry Cris Collinsworth is going to pretend he knows anything about how these teams have played. When he does commentate expect to hear at least once per quarter moan about Seattle’s running game and state that Steve Hutchinson leaving Seattle was the root cause of the problem.

I’m sorry Al Michaels and Bob Costas will present this game in a smug, comedic fashion, knowing that this is like an NCAA March Madness play-in game where the loser gets curb-stomped in the first round by a vastly superior foe.

I’m sorry Seattle’s pass rush is Chris Clemons and a bunch of safety blitzes. That shouldn’t be how pass rush works. Chris Clemons could be a Pro Bowl Alternate if he gets some sacks and injuries devour the starters. Then you have everyone else. Considering how big a critic I was when Clemons was traded to Seattle for Darryl Tapp, I did not think he’d be our best pass rusher.

I’m sorry you’ll have to see Kelly Jennings. You don’t need to laugh with me.

I’m sorry columnists have coined this as the Game of the Week. In importance? Yes. Quality? Not so much.

I’m sorry the majority of the game will feature 4 yard passes from Charlie Whitehurst and Sam Bradford. It’s going to be tedious, boring, and the furthest thing from fun as possible.

Lastly, I’m sorry the only time you’ll hear Russell Okung’s name being brought up is not for his fantastic play as a rookie, but for when one of his teammates rolls on his ankle for the umpteenth time this year.

When you wake up from your hangover in 2011 please do not waste your time with this inevitably awful contest. Don’t suffer through this game and just move on to something more productive.


2 thoughts on “Apologizing For Rams/Seahawks

  1. Justin F.

    Every thing you just said is what will make this game must see TV. Just the knowledge that the winner of this will have a home playoff game…….


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