My Apologies to Washington

I…I’m lost for words. Did Washington win a game with defense? Did they show a commitment to the run? Did they have a pass rush? All of that did happen against the same team that walloped them 56-21 in Seattle. Washington ended the season on a 4 game winning streak, beating Nebraska 19-7 in the Holiday Bowl in San Diego.

I cannot believe that just happened. Jake Locker once again had a mediocre passing day (and his receivers don’t catch the ball too well either) but instead of a blowout loss they had a convincing win over a top 20 team.

I thought this game would be a disaster and Nick Holt would be out as defensive coordinator. I was wrong and I’m sorry. That was a great gameplan by Holt to swarm the Huskers and guys like Mason Foster and Victor Aiyewa were extraordinary. Holt, you’ve just earned another season.

While the Seahawks are getting actively worse, the Huskies, just two years removed from an 0-12 season, are on the rise on their way back to national prominence.


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