UFC 125 GIF OF THE NIGHT: Brian Stann TKOs Chris Leben

Wait…what? Granite chinned Chris Leben was stunned by US Marine Brian Stann in the co-main event slot when Stann pulled off a TKO upset in the first round. Leben was dropped with a right hand after swinging wildly, kept soldiering on like he normally does…..and then ate a nasty knee and more punches before Josh Rosenthal stopped the fight.

Just the 2nd time Leben has been knocked out. Anderson Silva was the other and he tends to hit you hard.

This wasn’t remotely the most shocking part of the card, as Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard had a fight for the ages in the main event, with the result a split draw. Edgar retains his belt after nearly being KOed in the first round. He won round 2, 4, and 5 on my scorecards but Maynard pounded on Edgar so badly that he won the 1st round 10-8. I scored it 47-47 and with the judges seeing three different outcomes the belt remained with Edgar. Anthony Pettis will fight Edgar next but I feel like there should be an immediate rematch for such an epic war between two men who left their heart out there.


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