NFL Week 17 Picks

There’s been a lot of talk about whether or not Seahawks fans should root for a loss. I’m one who is rooting for a loss to the Rams. Why? Because this is a horrible football team showing no signs of improvement anywhere beyond special teams. It’s aging and needs to dump it’s aging players like Matt Hasselbeck and Lofa Tatupu. I do not want any hint of a chance that Matt Hasselbeck miraculously plays tonight (or plays next week if they do win) and performs well and provides reason for the Seahawks to re-sign him. They aren’t good enough for the playoffs and need to be stuffed with young, talented skill-position players. No more holding off the future for a minor division championship success. Lose now so you can make this team better to win later, Carroll.

Okay, you should know the playoff scenarios by now. If New Orleans and Atlanta do what they’re supposed to do and win their home games then the only thing left to worry about in the NFC is the #6 seed. Green Bay has to beat Chicago or hope the Giants and Bucs also lose to clinch the last spot and hop to Philadelphia.

The AFC is easy. If Pittsburgh beats Cleveland then they win the AFC North and a #2 seed. If they lose and Baltimore beats Cincinnati then it’s the Ravens who win the division.

The Colts will beat the Titans so I’m not even entertaining the thought of Jacksonville “stealing the division”.

That’s about it in a nutshell. There are other complicated scenarios involved but I’m confident none of them will come through (so no, the Saints won’t get the #1 seed).

Here we go…

Dolphins over Patriots
Ravens over Bengals (Ravens clinch #5 seed)
Steelers over Browns (Steelers win AFC North and first round bye)
Chiefs over Raiders
Bills over Jets
Lions over Vikings
Falcons over Panthers (Falcons win NFC South and #1 seed in the playoffs)
Saints over Buccaneers
Texans over Jaguars
Cowboys over Eagles
Redskins over Giants (Fear the Grossman!)
Broncos over Chargers
49ers over Cardinals
Packers over Bears (Packers clinch #6 seed)
Colts over Titans (Colts win AFC South and play Baltimore)
Rams 34 Seahawks 13

The playoff matchups for the opening round would be:


NY Jets @ Kansas City Chiefs
Baltimore Ravens @ Indianapolis Colts


New Orleans @ St. Louis
Green Bay @ Philadelphia

Click HERE for the live blog and follow all the action. Enjoy the last NFL regular season action for 2010-11.


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