NFL Saturday Wild Card Picks

Last Week: 9-7

Season: 160-96 (.625)


The playoffs are here and for only the 2nd time in this blog’s existence the Seahawks are playing in it. In the 2007-08 season Matt Hasselbeck scratched out one more Pro Bowl season and a huge liability in Shaun Alexander found himself out of a job at season’s end. The Seahawks beat the sentimental favorites in the Washington Redskins (35-14) before getting stomped by the Green Bay Packers. It’s 2010-11 and it was only one week ago I was openly rooting for the Seahawks to miss the playoffs. Well they’re in now, they’re the laughing stock of the NFL, but they can shut people up by being respectable against the Saints. If they win I’ll be on Cloud #9 and won’t care how they do the remainder of the year. If they lose, then it’s Cam Newton time.

The New Orleans Saints have lost Pierre Thomas, Chris Ivory, Jimmy Graham, and Malcolm Jenkins for today’s match. They’re still significantly better than the Seattle Seahawks and the only way Seattle wins this is through some form of a passing game and Drew Brees either gets injured or feels interception happy. If the pass rush for Seattle doesn’t work then the game is over. If the secondary remains true to form then it will be finished by halftime.

Fun Fact: These are the two worst teams in the NFL in defensive interceptions yet Hasselbeck and Brees have combined for over 40 themselves. Go figure.

I just want a competitive game but I am pretty sure it won’t happen. My expectations are quite low so my 38-13 Saints scoreline is being generous.


As for the night game I’ve got the Colts edging out the Jets 31-20 as Peyton Manning annihilates the very average-looking secondary of Rex Ryan’s team. If they can grab a lead early and force Mark Sanchez to throw more than the Jets would like then it opens up some more opportunities for Dwight Freeney to hammer him to the turf.

It’s the climax of the NFL’s season and you can follow today’s action in today’s live blog by clicking HERE. Don’t be a troll and don’t be alarmed when I call for Charlie Whitehurst any time Matt Hasselbeck throws an incomplete pass.


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