The Upset Aftermath: New Orleans Saints

The Seattle Seahawks are a bad football team, they have a lot of holes to fix, they’ve been frequently blown out, but they’re one win away (and a Packers win) from hosting the NFC Championship Game. It feels so good. You know what’s even better? Getting to do this series for the playoffs.

All in-game comments are from Canal Street Chronicles.


In-Game: John Carlson Terrorizes Roman Harper (17-14)

Harper makes me want to close my eyes and go to my happy place.

Did the defense miss the plane?

I know player that wont be a saint next year. ROMAN HARPER

HE SUCKS and has been a complete liability



In-Game: Brandon Stokley Terrorizes Roman Harper (24-17)

We. Are. Done.

How many times are we going to see one of these hacks outrun Harper?

i am going to watch something else

Harper burned

harper is getting beat like a goverment mule someone needs to step up

ROMAN HARPER is a dead man



In-Game: Julius Jones Stopped on 4th and 1 (34-20)

Jones and Harper will not b allowed on the plane back home!!!!

Why did they give HIM the ball???That’s what you do on 4th and 1??? Apparently the Saints fans are the only ones that want to win this game. Because the coaches and players don’t seem to give a crap.

JuJo got the call??? great god what are they thinking

jj sucks with a big capital S

wow. That is all I can say wow.


In-Game: Beast Mode (41-30)


Jenkins makes that tackel for a 5 yard gain

Well, how much further could we go without any f’ing running backs? Jeez…what a sucky day.


That’s the season.

That is Fucking Sad. Great tackle you guys.


Now for some level-headedness.


Post-Game: Suckage in Seattle

And that’s how the 2010 Saints season will end; in sloppy, disgusting and embarrassing fashion.

In what could be possibly the biggest upset in NFL history, the defending world champions lost to a 7-9 Seattle Seahawks team that still doesn’t have a winning record even after this victory today. To a team that most people thought didn’t even deserve to be in the playoffs.

We can blame the defense for this one. They gave up nearly 150 yards rushing to the second worst rushing offense in the league. And you can’t expect to win a football game when you give up 41 points. Roman Harper, I’m looking at you.

But hey, at least Drew broke that nasty streak of consecutive games with an interception thrown. – Dave Cariello from CSC with the quick cap.


Post-Game: One and Done

Matt Hasselbeck came out like a man on fire demolishing the Saints secondary to the tune of 272 yards and four touchdowns, three of those happening in the first half alone.

The Saints secondary entered the game only surrendering an average of 200 yards a game through the regular season and were in the top five in passing defense in the NFL.

Someone forgot to tell then that were in a playoff game, not week seventeen’s garbage match up against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Strong safety Roman Harper, who many consider having a pro bowl season for the Saints, was quite honestly embarrassed by Seattle’s tight ends and receivers after surrendering two touchdown passes when forced into coverage.

It was just a pitiful performance for what had become an elite Saints defense in 2010 that allowed the Seahawks to rack up 415 total yards of offense (266 pass, 149 rush) in the game.

The game was over when Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch broke off a 67-yard touchdown run in the final minutes of the fourth quarter to extend the Seahawks lead to 11 points at 41-30.

Lynch finished with 131 yards on 19 carries, the first Seattle back to top 100 yards all season.

Keith Null from Who Dat Dish laments on a stunning defeat.


And last but not least…

Post-Game Video Crow: Classy Fan

Seattle Seahawks 41…..TCB…. Aints 36 ! (via Kajunpower985)


Post-Game Video Crow: Funny Stuff

Saints (crow) WHO DAT be knocking at the door… (via petmycatwiththose)

I gotta admit, most Saints fans are taking it in stride. Good thing they won the Super Bowl last year or else this would be magnified into something beyond “Aints History”.


I’m done looking for stuff. This was extremely enjoyable and Saturday was easily the 2nd greatest day of my life as a Seahawks fan. You should know #1 off the top of your head because it should be every Seahawks fans’ #1 moment, too. Chicago is somehow a 10 point favorite over Seattle despite having lost to the Seahawks at home 23-20. Imagine if the Seahawks play the Patriots in the Super Bowl (I’d imagine at least a 20 point spread).

Let’s shoot for 3 in a row!


2 thoughts on “The Upset Aftermath: New Orleans Saints

  1. Roxasreaper

    Get Owned! Lynch made your entire Saints Defense his Biotch and Matt Hasselbeck made your secondary look like he took a drink from the fountain of youth.


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