This Post is For “All the Tostitos”

Auburn has not only won their first national championship in 54 years, but they’ve now got “All the Tostitos” they could ever imagine. The NCAA needs to create the Pace Salsa Bowl so Auburn can win that one, too.

Brent Musburger was horrendous last night and called the dramatic ending to Auburn/Oregon like a routine non-conference game in September. This in addition to prematurely calling a touchdown has to be the end of his #1 status at ESPN. If Ron Franklin can get fired for sexism and harassment at work, Musburger should get demoted for assault on the nation’s collective eardrums.

Oh, congratulations Auburn. I’ll take Cam Newton in late 1st round, Pete Carroll.


2 thoughts on “This Post is For “All the Tostitos”

    1. Mookie Post author

      Make him fail the combine by tying invisible lead to his feet.

      Last week was so fun but I’m not interested in delaying the new QB era for this team even longer.


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