Dear Aaron Curry

I’ve been very patient with you for the last two seasons. With a big contract that comes with being the #4 overall pick you sure haven’t lived up to it. I like your personality because you’re always fired up and eager. Now can you please play football properly? Some time in the 1st half of the Saints game I declared you a bust after biting on play-action (again) and allowing Heath Evans to score the first touchdown. I still stand by that statement even with an improved 2nd half. Right now you definitely aren’t the worst player on defense (Kelly Jennings is) but you’re certainly a liability. The missed tackles, blown assignments, and offsides after offsides has pretty much taken its toll on me.

HOWEVER, this weekend the Seahawks play the Bears. In your first game against Chicago back in 2009 you recorded your first career sack and FF with the strip-sack of Jay Cutler. Seattle sadly was uninterested in touchdowns and while this turnover led to a 19-17 lead the Bears won the game through the arm of Jay Cutler and the brains of Seneca Wallace.

Fast forward to 2010, this time in Chicago, the Bears were driving in the 2nd quarter down 14-7 looking to tie the game, but on 3rd and 10 you hustled and notched a sack on Cutler that prevented a potential touchdown and limited Chicago to 3. Seattle would never relinquish the lead and they won 23-20.

It’s a small sample size, but you’ve shown glimpses of greatness and two of those significant occasions came against Chicago. The Bears have the worst offensive line in the league and if anything has improved this season it’s your ability to rush the passer. With that in mind, this weekend you have to perform competently. The QB is familiar, the stadium is familiar, but the stakes are higher. Seattle’s best linebackers are David Hawthorne and Will Herring and that’s sad considering the former was undrafted and the latter is a 5th round safety-turned-linebacker. Channel your infectious enthusiasm over mundane plays with meaningful aggression and intelligent play. Don’t make John Schneider choose Von Miller and possibly end your brief Seattle career. I want to like you as a football player but you make it so difficult.

Help get the worst playoff team of all-time to the NFC CG.





2 thoughts on “Dear Aaron Curry

  1. jewseverywhere

    At least Von Miller was a talented football player in college, Curry was a bust waiting to happen who feasted on piss poor teams that WF played


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