NFL Divisional Round Picks – Saturday

Nothing like going 0-2 on Saturday and then 2-0 on Sunday. I highly doubt many went 4-0 because of the Seahawks game and I’d hedge a bet that there were a bunch of 0-4 records.

I have absolutely no clue how to pick today’s games because both Ravens/Steelers encounters were tight, 3 point spreads with each team notching a road win, and the Packers/Falcons was also a 3 point win for Atlanta. It’s the ultimate toss-up so I shall pick mostly through heart and not gut.

Ravens 10 Steelers 7. I do not want Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl and I also believe the only team that can beat the New England Patriots out of the AFC is these Ravens. Joe Flacco is a statue in the pocket so he’ll have to get rid of the ball early. Ben Roethlisberger is slowly becoming used to just standing in the pocket and assuming 4 pass rushers will bounce off him and he can run for the first down. It’s not going to work that way. To show you how much I am going with preference over logic, Josh Wilson will get the game-winning pick 6.

Falcons 27 Packers 25. Okay this does not benefit the Seattle Seahawks at all but I’m going with Atlanta. I have no idea why but I’ll choose the old cliche of “Home Field Advantage” being the reason the Falcons prevail. This scoreline would also give Green Bay their 7th loss of the season, all by 4 points or less. It’s going to be fantastic football tonight and I feel the defense will stop Green Bay on a two-point conversion to preserve the W. Green Bay’s o-line is suspect and I believe John Abraham will have more sacks than Clay Matthews tonight because of it.

Live blog is HERE. I like playoff football. Don’t you?


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