Bears 35 Seahawks 24: Offseason Needs (Player Personnel)

1.) Quarterback. Matt Hasselbeck played well in the post season but he is not part of the future. Charlie Whitehurst probably isn’t either but he’s younger.

2.) Linebacker. Lofa Tatupu needs to be cut or traded. Today he looked slow and Jay Cutler ran rings around him. Yes, Jay Cutler. Aaron Curry is a near-bust and that leaves us with Will Herring and David Hawthorne.

3.) Strong Safety. Out with Milloy and in with Laron Landry.

4.) Cornerback. Sign Nmandi Asomugha and he can do twice the work Kelly Jennings can. Marcus Trufant’s injury was extremely frightening and I hope he recovers, but he’s probably not fit to play the position anymore.

4.) Right Tackle. DUMP SEAN LOCKLEAR!!!! He is the anti-Okung.

5.) Additional pass rusher. Raheem Brock is in his 30s. The new pass rusher has to be young and he obviously has to be good. Red Bryant is not a good pass rusher but he can definitely stop the run. Please note he’s a DT who spent this season playing DE.

Thanks for providing me one of the greatest playoff victories in NFL history, but Seattle, you suck and need lots and lots of fixing. This is a bad and old football team that must get younger to get better.

The offseason awaits (and so does that feeling of indigestion). In Carroll/Schneider I trust.


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