On This Day – Seahawks 34 Panthers 14

Because it’s the Seahawks and Panthers, there is no good game footage of this around on the internet. But that’s not stopping me from remembering the 5th anniversary of the 2006 NFC Championship Game, when the Seattle Seahawks soundly beat the Carolina Panthers 34-14 at Qwest Field to advance to Super Bowl XL. You know what happened that day against the Steelers and because of that I’ll probably root for the New York Jets tomorrow. Matt Hasselbeck was in his prime, Shaun Alexander was an elite NFL RB, Lofa Tatupu was a rising star at linebacker, and the offensive line was healthy and effective. Right now Hasselbeck is in steep decline, Alexander is out of the NFL, Tatupu is in his 20s but he is playing like he’s 40, and the line is never stable. I don’t believe the 2005 team will ever be replicated, but one of these days the next generation of Seahawks will repeat this success and hopefully win more than just an NFC Championship.

I sure miss the consistent smell of success. SEA! HAWKS!


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