What a huge story just coming out of England. After being caught off-camera with sexist remarks towards a lineswoman in a Premier League match and then this footage towards a Sky Sports co-worker, Andy Gray has been fired by the network. The Martin Tyler and Andy Gray combo we’ve known through either Sky or the FIFA video game series has abruptly ended. More on this story to come later but while I expected just a suspension for the remarks at hand, the video of his inappropriate actions towards his colleague Charlotte Jackson was probably the nail in the coffin.

What makes this interesting is none of these events happened on TV so this was clearly a case where someone was out to get both Andy Gray and host Richard Keys for their actions. Both Keys and Gray were dropped from hosting the Monday game between Bolton and Chelsea but while it looks like Keys is safe, Gray has been let go.

And considering ESPN just fired Ron Franklin for a similar sexism incident, don’t even think that they would hire Gray right now.

Wow. Still can’t believe this has happened.



    1. Justin F.

      That being said, the viewpoints of Gray, as stupid as he is and they are, are the culture of football. Sacking Gray (although it will make English football broadcasts a bit better to listen to) does not solve the problem or chance the culture of the sport. In all honesty, do Gray’s viewpoints surprise you?

    2. Mookie Post author

      Well now that everything is being released Wikileaks style (and these vids have been taken down) it seems it was much more than this.

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  2. online fitness marketing

    comments regarding Massey, but then the sack today when it came out that he’d made some inappropriate comments to Charlotte Jackson (a fellow Sky Sports presenter) back in December. That video is on YouTube as well.

  3. online fitness marketing

    I was hoping this wouldn’t be brought up. I really hope Liverpool knows to bring their A game tomorrow. I’ve had enough of teams not playing a whole game lately. I might not be able to stand being at work while this is going on. Does anyone know if Stevie is back tomorrow.

    1. Mookie Post author

      Darn it they won. I guess they’re better.

      Do me a favor, you’re obviously not a bot, so don’t comment under a spambot name.


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