Stop the Darron Gibson Experiment

Tuesday, January 25th

Darron Gibson in starting lineup, halftime score reads Blackpool 2 Manchester United 0.

Gibson is taken off at halftime and United win the game 3-2.

Saturday, January 29th

Darron Gibson starts, halftime score reads Southampton 1 Manchester United 0.

Gibson is taken off at around the 58th minute for Ryan Giggs (Anderson taken off for Nani), Manchester United score twice in the ensuing 20 minutes and win 2-1.

Now it’s unfair to correlate one player to the outcome of the game, but Darron Gibson needs to go. The transfer market closes soon and I wouldn’t mind seeing Gibson shipped off. There’s a distinct difference in the quality of the midfield when Ryan Giggs or Darren Fletcher is on compared to Gibson. The first half of today’s FA Cup 4th Round tie at Southampton was disgraceful and as soon as the offending players (Gibson and Anderson) were dropped the attacking play improved tenfold. Anderson is generally decent but Gibson is consistently bad and is a massive liability.

Gibson provides nothing offensively. Inaccurate passes, poor first touch, no pace at all, and his worst quality is by far his shooting. Sure he’ll score the odd 25 yard goal but otherwise his obsession with long range efforts will be found in the 20th row of seating. Three career goals doesn’t make him the next Paul Scholes as some sort of long-range specialist. It’s maddening to see him continue to get starts because he’s so ineffective. The midfield is so stagnant and slow when he’s on the pitch (probably due to his tortoise-like speed) and it’s brutal to watch.

I completely understand playing youth in these Cup matches especially with a league game on Tuesday, but I’m fairly convinced that he is not the answer or even a part of the solution to improving Manchester United’s midfield.

Enough, Sir Alex. The fanbase is ready to part ways with Darron and so should you.


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