VIDEO: Tim Sylvia Knocked Out in 32 Seconds

Tim Sylvia was once the UFC Heavyweight Champion. Last night he not only came in at 311 lbs, he got knocked out by former Ultimate Fighter contestant Abe Wagner at Titan Fighting Championships 16. What a fall from grace.

Sylvia was on a four-fight win streak (like that means anything) and then came in horribly overweight and Wagner cleaned him up quite easily. Wagner is now the heavyweight champion for that regional promotion and while it seems insignificant, I highly recommend reading the story of him. He overcame severe child abuse from his (now incarcerated) father and went from a football player to an MMA fighter. So it’s definitely the biggest win of his career and this should not be swept aside.

Back to Sylvia, please retire or focus on your other job as a cop. This time go beyond the donut-eating part.


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