ESPN Acquires Euro 2012 Rights


Never thought I’d write that caption up, to be honest. ESPN will be your home for Euro 2012 in Ukraine/Poland after they acquired the rights to the prestigious European international tournament along with Euro 2016 in France.

ESPN has acquired U.S. broadcast rights to soccer’s European Championship in 2012 and 2016 and will televise every game of both tournaments.

The Union of European Football Associations planned to make the announcement Tuesday.

ESPN purchased U.S. broadcast and Internet rights in all languages. The network televised the 2008 Euros and has U.S. English-language rights to its sixth consecutive World Cup in 2014.

Plans include broadcasting Euro matches on ESPN, ESPN2,, ESPN Deportes, ESPN Radio and ESPN Mobile.


ESPN did a splendid job covering the 2010 World Cup after that monstrosity in 2006, and the biggest improvement was their commentators. Ian Darke and Martin Tyler led the charge with Derek Rae and Adrian Healey also chipping in good bits for lesser games in South Africa. Darke is probably going to cover this tournament next year but it’ll be interesting to see who will do the final if they do bring Martin Tyler back.

If there’s anything I can request, DO NOT BRING STEVE MCMANAMAN TO ANY OF THE MATCHES!!! Macca offers no substance at all and cuts off Darke way too often on the Premier League broadcasts.

I’m certain there will be an official PR for this tomorrow, but thank goodness ESPN has it. Could you imagine FOX on this? Their other sports coverage sucks enough already, they could ruin this with practically no effort.


3 thoughts on “ESPN Acquires Euro 2012 Rights

  1. boumbo

    How about the dude with the ” release the kraken ” call ?
    Even here in Europe,thanks to youtube, the guy has become a near legend. Americans are very lucky to harbor in their midst such an awesome announcer.

    1. Mookie Post author

      Max Bretos is the commentator and he does work for ESPN. Maybe as a host but otherwise Bretos is brutal to listen to. He’s excitable but that’s just the problem. His voice is grating.

      He’s probably more acceptable than any of the dead weight I’ve heard on local MLS matches.

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