Let’s All Laugh at Liverpool

DONE DEAL The first of our golden trio is done, people. Liverpool have confirmed that Andy Carroll has signed for the club from Newcastle on a five-and-a-half-year deal for a club-record fee reported to be £35m. (Via the BBC)


That is a ridiculously high price tag for someone with all of one solid season in the Premier League (the current one) and his previous “coming out” party coming in the Championship. Despite all of this Carroll is now the most expensive  transfers in the history of the Premier League. Clearly Liverpool are banking on his future being bright as he’s only 23, and the now-departed Fernando Torres is off to Chelsea for £50m. Note that Liverpool bought him for £20m nearly 4 years ago, so Carroll is more expensive than Torres, who was the same age as Carroll when Liverpool bought him.

Andy Carroll is now worth more than Wayne Rooney, Dimitar Berbatov, David Villa, and Didier Drogba. Unbelievable. Liverpool paid way too much for someone like Carroll. He better score goals in bunches and lift them to 5th or 6th by season’s end and then beyond that win them many trophies or else this is a disaster.

They already bought Luis Suarez for 2/3 of what Carroll was worth, surely Carroll should cost less as he’s not as established as Suarez?

Oh well, I hope Liverpool continue to rot and their small stint of “winning” is quickly destroyed.

And to Chelsea fans exuberant they signed Fernando Torres and David Luiz…..congrats on fixing the defense and finding your potential Drogba replacement, enjoyed 3rd place while the rightful champions (Manchester United) ascend to the throne one more time.


6 thoughts on “Let’s All Laugh at Liverpool

    1. Mookie Post author

      Let’s put it this way, I’m more confident Chelsea won’t have some miraculous resurgence than Manchester United winning the title.

      But I’m confident in both happening.

      1. Justin F.

        Do remember that Chelsea and Manchester United have yet to play this year. It’s more in the realm of possibilities than it initially appears on the surface. I am not saying it will happen, Carlo needs to figure out how he can use Torres and Drogba together, but I would not be banking on a Manchester United title or Chelsea finishing outside 1st place just yet.

        1. Mookie Post author

          You assume the gap will be closed by the time we do play….which seems to be pushed further and further back with each Cup replay and weather problem.

          1. Justin F.

            I don’t think the gap will be closed by March 1 (or whenever it is they end up playing), but I do think Chelsea can use those games to make up some ground should they get victories.

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