Super Bowl XLV Preview Extravaganza: Links

It’s been ages since I did a “links” post. For the last three seasons I’ve done a series of Super Bowl posts leading up to the game itself. Sunday is only three days away and I’m feeling a little generous today. Time for some Super Bowl-related links. I’m completely partial towards Green Bay for obvious reasons. I will never root for the Steelers to win the Super Bowl unless they are playing Arizona, San Francisco, or St. Louis.


Pittsburgh Steelers

Madden predicts the Steelers will win 24-20. You know, Madden has become such a horrible video game.

Steelers Gab tells us how big a paycheck the winners and losers of the Super Bowl will receive. No word on how much will be removed through some nonsense fine given by the NFL.

Bruce Arians will remain Steelers offensive co-ordinator until he retires, one year after it was falsely reported he was fired.

Steelers Today with an excellent and thorough preview of both teams before kickoff.

Nice Pick, Cowher congratulates Troy Polamalu for winning the NFL DPOY. Clay Matthews was erroneously given this award fresh off the press, but hopefully he’ll rightfully be awarded a Super Bowl ring.


Green Bay Packers

Acme Packing Company simply states “Stop Roethlisberger” to win the game. However  “stopping Ben” is only ever done in the offseason, often by Roethlisberger himself.

Lombardi Ave mentions the importance of Donald Driver to not only the team but in Packers franchise history. He’s probably not going to the HOF but he’s definitely one of the most underrated receivers in NFL history.

Cheesehead TV addresses the big matchup between rookie CB Sam Shields against Pittsburgh’s Mike Wallace. Can Shields match Wallace’s speed in a football game and not just the 40-time? Hopefully yes.

Incentive to root for Green Bay.


Lastly, I really don’t like Papa John’s Pizza, but if you’re one of the poor souls that does, at least root for overtime. Oh, but there are (cheesy) strings attached just in case you thought every chain in the country was about to run out of ingredients by noon on February 7th.


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