Super Bowl XLV Preview Extravaganza: Why You Should Root For the Packers

Unlike past Super Bowls I have an intensified bias towards one team. I gave a fair assessment of Super Bowl XLII and correctly predicted the Giants would win by 3. For XLIII I simply picked Pittsburgh based on Arizona being a divisional rival but even then the Steelers were the better team. XLIV was a fairly neutral game for me and I had no rooting interest. This year however I am all about the Green Bay Packers. I bet people are reading this blog and wondering if I’m actually a Packers fan. Well, for a weekend yes I am. This doesn’t mean I’ll be 100% partisan in my final prediction, but let’s just say my interest in this game is “rooting against Pittsburgh”.

I might as well convert others. Here’s why you should root for the Cheeseheads on Sunday.

1.) Ex-Seahawk Howard Green is on the roster. There’s no former Seahawks player on the Pittsburgh Steelers, but the Green Bay Packers do have Howard Green. The DT was with Seattle from 2007-2008 and was fairly useless, but now Green has a NT role in Green Bay’s 3-4 defense and could very well earn himself a Super Bowl ring. Green is a journeyman but hey he’s an ex-Seahawk and unless he’s Jerramy Stevens there is a legitimate reason to support GB this weekend.

2.) Aaron Rodgers. Seattle is probably not going to get Matt Hasselbeck’s replacement through the draft. Rodgers was the 24th overall pick of the 2005 NFL Draft and is now one of the elite QBs in the game. In all likelihood the pickings at pick #25 in April 2011 will be slim. Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker, Ryan Mallett, and Cam Newton are probably all going to be selected before Seattle is up to pick. Even if Mallett is available I wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole as the slightest bit of pressure turns him into Joe Flacco (in other words his feet turn to quicksand and he gets sacked). Having resigned myself to enjoying a stunning playoff upset win at the expense of a top 10 draft pick (and presumably a QB) it’ll probably be another season of Matt Hasselbeck or even an attempted resurrection of Carson Palmer. As Seattle continues to delay their process to actually look for their new QB of the future, Green Bay drafted Aaron Rodgers even after the Packers made the playoffs and Brett Favre had just thrown for 4088 yards, 30 touchdowns, and 17 interceptions. Favre however was 35 and relying on him to be productive for seasons beyond 2004 was risky. Well Favre had two straight stinkers after that before a magical 2007 comeback promptly crushed with an interception in his final throw as a Packer. Rodgers has become the face of the franchise while Favre has become the face of sexting. Let this be a lesson to the Seahawks organization to stop extending the farcical collapse of someone past his prime and if someone falls in your lap that you know is talented, take him. Aaron Rodgers is probably my favorite QB in the NFL right now and watching him develop so quickly is so enjoyable. Now he’s got the biggest game of his career ahead with a chance to be compared to FAVRE regardless of outcome.

3.) Make me (sort of) appear like Nostradamus. I said, and I quote:

Green Bay Packers 23 Baltimore Ravens 14

So there you have it. I like the prolific and elite offense of the Packers to do enough to edge out the young and hungry Baltimore Ravens in Arlington, TX. I have Norv Turner as the only coach here who is fired despite a playoff appearance, and Aaron Rodgers as your Super Bowl MVP.

Now if I twist this as much as I can, Green Bay is indeed in the Super Bowl and playing against the #2 seed out of the AFC North. In that same post I have them beating Atlanta in the playoffs as well as eliminating the #2 and #1 seeds respectively so if you ignore my other wild inaccuracies I didn’t do too badly in regards to Green Bay’s fate.


Next up will be “Why you should root against the Steelers” and then we’ll wrap it all up with a reasonable predictions post.


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