Super Bowl XLV Preview Extravaganza: Rooting Against the Pittsburgh Steelers stave off....bitterness.


There is only one acceptable outcome to Super Bowl XLV, and it’s a Green Bay Packers victory. Anything else and it’s an injustice. This might be the last bit of NFL action we see until 2012, and since we all know the world will end Dec. 2012 it could very well be the last full season of pro football in the history of mankind. Keeping the trend of a very biased “Pro Football Championship” preview here are some other reasons you must root against Pittsburgh.

1.) It’s been five years. With the Seattle Seahawks getting depressingly worse and increasingly older it is not fun to watch this team compared to 2005. It is now five years to the day since the Seattle Seahawks lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers 21-10 in Detroit. The game is most memorable for Jerramy Stevens playing like crap, the referees handing Pittsburgh nearly every judgment call, Mike Holmgren abandoning the run, and Ben Roethlisberger playing like crap and still winning. Knowing how far Seattle is from being a legitimate contender I’m still bitter about this game. There is probably never going to be a better chance to win it than the 05-06 season. I ceased my Pittsburgh hate once the Arizona Cardinals went to the Super Bowl, and frankly I’m of the opinion that no fan should ever root for someone else in the division. Now it’s back on and I’m ready for the Green Bay Smackdown.

2.) We need new blood. This is 100% true, since 2001 the AFC has been represented in the Super Bowl by the New England Patriots, Oakland Raiders, Indianapolis Colts, and Pittsburgh Steelers. That’s it. Meanwhile the NFC in that same span has seen a total of TEN different conference champions. A Pittsburgh win would give them three Super Bowls in six years while a Green Bay win would give the NFC consecutive SB victories and the Lombardi Trophy would return to Wisconsin for the first time since 1997. Simply put, the AFC is extremely top-heavy and it’s much more fun to root for “new” faces.

3.) The Troy Polamalu Head and Shoulders commercial. Troy Polamalu is probably one of my favorite players ever, but his shampoo commercials are awful and I’m tired of seeing them on the TV.

4.) Charlie Batch would be a three-time Super Bowl champion. This is wrong on so many levels. Charlie Batch would have as many rings as the man he sits behind on the roster chart. Byron Leftwich would also have his second ring. That’s even worse.

5.) Terry Bradshaw. Could you imagine the Steelers winning tomorrow and having a FORMER Steeler present the Lombardi Trophy to you? Has that ever happened before? I sure hope it doesn’t happen this year.


The final prediction comes tomorrow when I’m slightly more rational.


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