The Super Bowl XLV Aftermath

For the final time this season I’m posting fan reaction for in-game and post-game comments from the NFL. Unlike past articles where I only provide the losing team’s thoughts from the latest Seahawks victory, I’m including both Green Bay and Pittsburgh for key plays in the game along with the typical post-game articles.

Comments came (in no particular order) from: Acme Packing Company, Behind the Steel Curtain, Steeler Addicts, and Packer Chatters. The “screenshotted” comments are from the first two sites, whilst the others in quote came from the latter half.


In-Game: Aaron Rodgers to Jordy Nelson (7-0 GB)

In-Game: Roethlisberger to Nick Collins (14-0)

In-Game: Rodgers to Jennings (21-3)

In-Game: Shaun Suisham Shanks 53 Yard FG

F’in Ben! get rid of the damn ball!

That was the worst kick I’ve seen in a LOOOOONG time.

Horrible call! Absoultely no reason to try the FG there.



Even Bills fans laughed at that shank.

In-Game: Mendenhall Fumbles

if Mendenhall fumbles I’m gonna kick my neighbors dog (Ed note: posted before actual fumble)

go kick that ****ing dog

god damn dog next door is gonna get punished

Guess your neighbors dog is about to be in some pain.

if we get a pick 6 i let the dog live

In-Game: Mike Wallace TD (28-25)

They’ve been setting that up all game with the short throws to Wallace.

Game on :(

Ok, now, where is Desmond Howard when we need him?

Shields again – two terrible plays back to back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really want to puke now



In-Game: Packers Stop Steelers on 4th Down to Win Super Bowl (31-25)


And there is your Super Bowl Dagger! Champions.


There is your dagger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a great night SB champs AND I win $625 bucks!

I just screamed out Champions!

Championship #13, Superbowl victory #4, T.i.t.l.e.t.o.w.n.


Post-Game: Packers Celebration

  • Say it with me: World. Champions.
  • Aaron Rodgers was superlative – if not for the drops, he would have had close to a record setting day.
  • All hail Dom Capers – down to using Jarrett Bush and Pat Lee, he kept things together and never let things get away from his defense.
  • Mike McCarthy is now, and forever, a Super Bowl winning head coach. – Aaron Nagler from CheeseheadTV with some brief thoughts….as anything longer would be a waste of time when it should be spent celebrating.


Post-Game: Steelers Commiserations and Reflections

Here’s just a short list of the mistakes that all resulted in a loss that will be remembered for a long time.

1. Turnovers – The most obvious choice as to why Super Bowl XLV was lost, three turnovers, all resulting in Packers points, could easily be the biggest reason the Steelers lost Sunday. The first turnover was a Nick Collins pick on a play where the Steelers were looking for a big play, and it was returned 37 yards for a touchdown to make it 14-0. The last turnover, a Rashard Mendenhall fumble, came with the team down 21-17 and sitting at the Packers 33. It killed the teams momentum when it was all theirs, and ended up being a Packer TD which made it 28-17 and put the Steelers in panic mode.

2. Penalties – Keyaron Fox may find himself unemployed after the biggest bonehead penalty of the season. It was a unnecessary roughness call which came after the defense held the Packers to three points and gave the Steelers a shot at a possible game-winning drive with two minutes left. The penalty meant the Steelers had to start their offensive possession at the 13-yard line, with 1:59 to play and one timeout remaining. Just dumb. The other standout penalty was the one on Ryan Mundy on an Antonio Brown kickoff return that put the Steelers at their own 7-yard line. The next play – a Ben Roethlisberger pick that was taken back by Collins for a touchdown to make it 14-0.

3. Play Calls – Too often the Steelers got away from the run and became to pass happy. They had success rushing the ball all night, yet still never seemed committed to staying with it. There was a couple third and short situations where instead of pounding the run, despite it being successful most of the night, they threw. Then there was the odd call of having Shaun Suisham try a 52-yard field goal with 4:29 left in the third quarter. The kick was wide left, make that VERY wide left, and it gave the Packers their offensive possession at their own 42-yard line. – Matt Leode from Steelers Gab points out the big factors in Pittsburgh’s defeat.



Now I’m completely gassed and I started doing this post on Tuesday, so here are my closing thoughts on Super Bowl XLV:


  • Troy Polomalu was mediocre. Not just in this game, but throughout the playoffs. He did not seem….”right” and was responsible for Greg Jennings’ 2nd touchdown, making the score 28-17. Polomalu will take the Defensive MVP but Clay Matthews has the ring and had the most important play of the game by forcing the fumble on Rashard Mendenhall.
  • Mike Tomlin is a gracious coach even in defeat. While Rex Ryan sure is good material and has to be one of the most fun coaches around, it’s hard not to like Mike Tomlin. He gave credit where credit was due and praised the Packers for their superb performance.
  • Walt Anderson and his crew did not call a single PI, illegal contact, or defensive holding all game. I saw nothing to suggest any one of those penalties should’ve been called (aside from William Gay grabbing Jordy Nelson on the first TD) and the refs were solid.
  • Ex-Seahawk Howard Green forced Ben Roethlisberger into throwing that INT for a TD. SEA! HAWKS!
  • Green Bay won despite their piss-poor special teams. This is no surprise given they almost let Dan Connelly (Patriots OL) score a touchdown off a squib kick.
  • Green Bay outplayed Pittsburgh. Absolutely none of the turnovers were “lucky” and Aaron Rodgers shredded the Steelers secondary. You could argue they should’ve won that game by more than 6 and the blowout in the 1st half should’ve been sustained. But they like making it close, right?


Now we turn our attention to next season, whether that be 2011 or 2012, we will have the NFL to talk about and hopefully we won’t have an entire season canceled as a result of this labor dispute.

Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers for fulfilling my prediction from September and I can’t wait to see this side healthy and gunning for a repeat next season.

Even Bills fans laughed at that shank.

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