Blake Griffin Jumps Over Car in Slam Dunk Contest

I’ll be the first to say it (okay second because Charles Barkley said it first), I don’t think the dunk was all that great. Presentation? Over-the-top but well done. Idea? Fantastic. Execution? Meh.

Jumping over the hood isn’t as great as going over the roof. Dwight Howard would’ve definitely completed this with consummate ease. No doubt the dunk was impressive but not legendary. And the fact that we had a choir involved and Serge Ibaka somehow didn’t advance to the final round has to make some think this dunk contest was somewhat rigged to get Blake Griffin in the final.

But hey, it’s LA and it’s show business, right?

Griffin defeated JaVale McGee of the Washington Wizards in a landslide (68%-32% in fan voting). Personally Griffin deserved to win but oh man does most of this feel staged.


2 thoughts on “Blake Griffin Jumps Over Car in Slam Dunk Contest

  1. tommy

    100% staged. I’m sure Griffin didn’t even have a choice. I’m also sure he got to practice the dunk with the car. I’m also sure that anybody in the contest and most players in the league could have done that.

    1. Mookie Post author

      Wonder what would’ve happened if he pulled a hamstring on the way up… they still make that silly commercial?


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