WOW!!!! Free agency hasn’t even started and miraculously the Seattle Seahawks have signed Ray Lewis, formerly of the Baltimore Ravens. I just cannot believe this news and it just very well could be signs that the Seahawks are moving to a 3-4 defense. Fantastic stuff and I look forward to next season (whenever that comes).

Wait a minute, Ray Lewis is a CB? I don’t remember this. Oh it looks like the Seahawks actually re-signed their special teams captain and CB, Roy Lewis, as well as Isaiah Stanback.

AOL Fanhouse at its finest. This just can’t happen.

In all seriousness, Lewis was a huge part of Seattle’s special teams and hopefully it will remain that way because unfortunately he doesn’t make the grade at DB. Stanback will probably be practice squad material and I’m fine with that.



2 thoughts on “SEAHAWKS SIGN RAY LEWIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. canadiansportsfan

    I had no idea that Ray Lewis was leading a double life last year playing LB for the Ravens and CB for the Seahawks at he same time. I knew he was a good football player, but I had no clue he was that good. :D


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