UFC LIVE: Sanchez vs. Kampmann Live Blog

Seriously? I haven’t posted in 6 days? Is that a record? Well what happened is I’ve been swamped with work and I have had limited-to-no internet access at home. That’s out of the way and I think we can resume a normal schedule. I missed out on Washington crapping the bed against Washington State and I couldn’t view Chelsea defeat Manchester United (which I don’t mind). Tonight from the KFC Yum! Center — seriously that’s the name of the arena — in Louisville, KY, UFC on Versus returns with a great headliner between Diego Sanchez and Martin Kampmann. It’s a crucial welterweight fight with the winner looking to earn a title shot and promptly get crushed by Georges St. Pierre. The co-main is a middleweight clash between solid wrestlers CB Dollaway and Mark Munoz. Other televised fights are Alessio Sakara vs. Chris Weidman and a rematch between WEC-migrants Brian Bowles and Damacio Page in the bantamweight division.

There are two fights airing on Facebook right now so I’ll give you just the results and after the jump is the live RBR of all main card fights and “delayed commentary” on any preliminary card bouts airing tonight.


Quick Results From Facebook.com Stream

Danny Castillo def. Joe Stevenson by unanimous decision

Cyrille Diabate def. Steve Cantwell by lopsided unanimous decision


Brian Bowles vs. Damacio Page (135 lbs)

Round 1 – Page with a wild swinging right. Head kick and  a flying knee by Page early! Whoa. Page is just swinging everything and twice throws and lands a leg kick. Bowles pops him with a jab. Uppercut from way out is short fro Page. Good left by Bowles after getting hit with a leg kick. Solid leg kick again by Damacio, who lost the first match against Bowles by 1st round guillotine. He remains the aggressor and lands a knee in the clinch.Bowles might have been poked in the eye but he’s fine now. Bowles with a short combo as we reach 2 mins left in the opening round. Page is hurt on an uppercut. Bowles brings him down. Brian is teeing off on the ground. Elbow by Bowles and now a guillotine attempt. It’s deep and Page is out! He doesn’t tap and Page has gone to sleep. Wow. Page literally lost the exact same way as he did in the first fight. Brian Bowles def. Damacio Page via technical submission (guillotine choke) at 3:30 of round 1. UPDATE: And the first fight between them also ended at 3:30 in the 1st round. Insane.


Igor Pokrajac vs. Todd Brown (205 lbs – PRELIM FIGHT)

Round 1 – I didn’t expect a prelim this quickly. I completely missed the first two minutes but it sounds like nothing happened so far. Crowd is booing. Pokrajac gets tagged by Brown as he walks into a right hand. They clinch against the cage. I hate it when fighters visibly have their opponent hurt and then play the hugging game. They separate with 1 min left. BIG HEAD KICK by Pokrajac stuns Brown! Todd Brown looks fat and out of shape. Igor smacks him with a right! He’s down and Pokrajac is looking for the stoppage. Brown’s getting his ass kicked and he’ll regret not attacking the Croat earlier. They stand back up and a BIG KNEE DROPS BROWN!!! HE IS HURT BAD AND HE IS WALLOPING HIM! THE ROUND ENDS! There is no round 2 as the ref has stopped the fight at the very end. Brown cannot get up and he is a bloody mess. Igor Pokrajac def. Todd Brown via TKO (strikes) at 5:00 of round 1.


Alessio Sakara vs. Chris Weidman (185 lbs)

Round 1 – Weidman is 4-0 and just on the basis of his wrestling alone he should kill Sakara. Don’t fight stupid. Uhhh but his stand-up looks awful. Good combination by Sakara finished off with a leg kick. Joe Rogan said Sakara is cut but I don’t think Weidman has landed a punch. Another combo by Sakara. Head kick by Weidman blocked and now they’re tied up agaisnt the fence. Sakara stuffs a takedown and they’re at the center of the ring with 2 mins gone in the opening round. I see the cut now and it’s above the right eye of Sakara. More good strikes by Alessio. A “USA!” chant for no reason at all. I thought we buried that hatchet with Italy over six decades again. Sakara is stuffing takedowns. This is…not what I expected. Another predictable double-leg takedown is denied. Final minute left in the round but Sakara’s cut is nasty. I think he’s winning the round but that cut has to get fixed. Good jab by Weidman.Head kick attempt by Sakara. We finally see a 2nd round. I give it to Sakara 10-9 on better striking. and defending the takedowns.

Round 2 – Oh crap. Takedown by Weidman. He’s in Sakara’s full guard. If it’s on the ground this should be Weidman’s. The cut is just horrible to look at and a HUGE right hand rocks Alessio. That is a gruesome, bloody cut. Sakara is getting battered. Weidman is in side control and this fight is close to being over. He’s looking to trap the arm and get him into a crucifix position. The blood is gushing to the point where you could make a freaking man-made lake out of it. Sakara looks totally helpless. Or not. Somehow Sakara gets back into half-guard, then full guard, and now he escapes and fires away at Weidman as they stand up! But he’s back down. Sakara pushes him off. 80 seconds remaining in the round. The fight is momentarily stopped because Sakara’s cut is just sick to look at. Luckily I am not viewing this in HD. We restart with a two punch combo by Weidman followed by a leg kick.Beautiful body shot by Sakara.  And again! And again! Still not enough to win the round buy Sakara has heart. 10-9 Weidman and 19-19 overall. Good fight.

Round 3 – The return of the body shot from Sakara. Weidman replies with a knee and now drives him into the ground for the takedown straight into side control. Weidman is trying to hold Sakara’s right wrist down and unleash hell on his face. The cut is opening up again. Sakara gets back to half guard but he eats two right hands. Halfway through the final round. The ref stands it up for no freaking reason. WHAT?! Another takedown. Sakara can’t win. Final minute of round 3 and Weidman should move to 5-0 over a game Alessio Sakara. He gets back up but in a shocker it just goes back down. Ten seconds left. 10-9 Weidman and 29-28 Weidman on my scorecard. Definitely enjoyed that and it has been a solid show so far. OFFICIAL DECISION: Chris Weidman def. Alessio Sakara by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27). No way did Weidman win the 1st round. I guess just getting your opponent to bleed is enough.


CB Dollaway vs. Mark Munoz (185 lbs – Co-Main Event)

Round 1 – Dollaway takes Munoz down instantly and has a headlock. Munoz defends well and they’re back-up. BIG RIGHT HAND! AND ANOTHER MASSIVE RIGHT HOOK BY MUNOZ JUST ANNIHILATES DOLLAWAY!!!! HE IS DOWN! Two more punches end it and Mario Yamasaki stops the fight. Dollaway was out, woke up, crowd is booing because they think it was an early stoppage but I think CB was finished. Mark Munoz def. CB Dollaway via KO (punches) at :44 of round 1

Shane Roller vs. Thiago Tavares (155 lbs – PRELIM FIGHT)

Round 1 – WEC Man vs. UFC Veteran  here. Roller flicks the jab early. He whiffs on a lunging left. Roller is attacking early but hasn’t landed anything significant yet. Tavares’ stand-up is a little awkward and he is a ground guy. But Tavares lands a great leg kick. Lots of punches, not a lot of landing, and Roller is the culprit for the most part. Oh but he goes forward and lands a front kick.Tavares shakes it off and now Tavares rocks Roller! Couldn’t see the shot that hurt Shane but I’ll see it on a replay hopefully. Roller is on wobbly legs! Tavares stalks but doesn’t take advantage. Thunderous leg kick by Tavares as Roller has a poor takedown attempt easily stifled. Roller with a pointless right hook. They clinch with 15 seconds left in the round. Round ends and I give Tavares the round 10-9.

Round 2 – It was a left hook and follow-up right that hurt Roller in the first round, just to clarify. Roller using the jab early. Pawing his left hand out and Tavares throws a good and quick right hand. Decent straight right by Shane Roller. Tavares gets the takedown but Roller is able to stand back up.  ROLLER LOADS UP AND DECKS TAVARES WITH A RIGHT HAND!!!! NOW HE POUNCES AND TAVARES IS OUT COLD!!!! WOW WHAT A COMEBACK!!!!!!!! Shane Roller def. Thiago Tavares via KO (punches) at 1:28 of round 2


Diego Sanchez vs. Martin Kampmann (170 lbs – Main Event)

Round 1 – I am AMPED for this fight. Diego Sanchez is now known as “The Dream” instead of “The Nightmare”. Quick three punch combo by Kampmann early. Sanchez replies with a partially blocked knee. Straight right by Kampmann. Now a takedown attempt from Sanchez. It’s a single-leg but Kampmann defends it well and lands a nice knee to the jaw. Did Sanchez slip? Because he fell as Kampmann threw a punch. Now Kampmann has a front headlock and is landing knees. Sanchez looks for the single-leg but against the Dane fends it off. Kampmann with another jab. Beautiful knee in the clinch and Sanchez is having trouble with the takedown attempts. Sanchez is bleeding. Diego goes to the body. One minues left. Body kick by Sanchez countered by a right hook. Another right. Sanchez is getting battered by Kampmann’s superior striking. Can he get the takedown now? Nope. Another failed shoot. Big knee by Kampmann and another left hand to close out the round. 10-9 Kampmann.

Round 2 – Two takedown attempts by Sanchez and he just can’t get it to his comfort zone. Sanchez finally has some useful striking with a quick two-punch combination. Oh and Diego is clocked with another right. I think Sanchez is bleeding from his right eye. They clinch and Diego is hit with an uppercut on the release. Sanchez shoots in but Kampmann sprawls so beautifully. Counter-left by Diego. NOW THEY SWING!!!! Kampmann got hurt in that exchange! Now Kampmann’s right eye is bleeding. Still no takedown as Kampmann stuffs the single. high kick try by Sanchez. One minute left in the round of a great fight.Good right by Kampmann. Sanchez is stopped in his tracks with a left hook. Knee to the body by Kampmann. THEY SWING AGAIN! WHAT A FIGHT! 10-9 Kampmann and 20-18 overall. Tight round to score.

Round 3 – Short left on the inside by Kampmann to start the final round.  Sanchez comes charging but can’t complete the takedown. Kampmann looks gassed. Sanchez with a right but Kmpmann shakes his head no. Kampmann goes to the body. NONE of Sanchez’s takedowns is working. Good jab by Diego backs Kampmann up! DIEGO GETS KAMPMANN DOWN INTO SIDE CONTROL!!! HUGE MOMENT IN THE FIGHT! OH BUT KAMPMANN GETS UP! Two minutes to go. Sanchez tried to take martin’s back and slipped off. Sanchez leans in but misses on the uppercut. Good right hand by Kampmann and then counters a  Sanchez body shot with a knee! Oh he lands another right. Sanchez is bleeding on his left eye. Kampmann is shaking his right hand. Oh my goodness this is an epic war. Sanchez’s face is wrecked. Judge’s scorecards will be extremely interesting. Sanchez is pushing the pace! HE IS THROWING EVERYTHING! BOTH MEN BRAWLING! UNBELIEVABLE FIGHT! Sanchez looks like his face got chewed off. It is ridiculously bloody but this entire night has featured blood hasn’t it? 10-9 Sanchez and 29-28 Kampmann. OFFICIAL DECISION: Diego Sanchez def. Martin Kampmann via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28). I can see giving Sanchez the fight, but everyone scoring it 29-28 is just odd. Kampmann gets screwed out of a close fight for the 2nd time in a row. Everything was decided in the 2nd round as Kampmann won the first and Sanchez won the third.


Well this should open up the “MMA judging” floodgates with this plus the BJ Penn vs. Jon Fitch draw last Saturday. Excellent card, I’ll do this again for the prelims special for UFC 128 and then UFC Fight Night 24 in Seattle.


Good night everyone.


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