Washington Huskies Basketball is Bi-Winning

They win here, they win there, they win everywhere! They win when they want to! This team isn’t bi-polar, they’re bi-winning! You wish you were winning as often as the Huskies, but you’re not. What’s the opposite of winning? Losing. This team is bi-winning, and when they play their way to a #1 seed in the NIT they will have home court advantage when they’re winning. The only thing the Washington Huskies are addicted to right now is winning.

And just like Charlie Sheen, the Washington Huskies’ season will be dead in about 14 days. I’ve lost all hope for them and just want to see how next year goes because this year has taken a gigantic nosedive. I’m not interested in any more puzzling “wins” after tonight.

Hey, Toronto FC season starts two weeks from now. It’s like I’m a miserable sports fan year-round.


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