March Madness Coverage 2011

Two-time NBA champion.

Ooooh am I going to have to schedule this carelessly carefully. You know what is so great about this time of year? My exams end next week just in time for the NCAA Tournament (and the NIT) so I can glue myself to the television set watching basketball all day long. This week is Conference Tournament Week, where 31 teams will win an automatic bid to college basketball’s effective and addictive PLAYOFF system, and the losers either wait until next year or hope the committee accepts them as an at-large. I’ll need assistance — with no pay at all, mind you — for some of what I have planned for this year’s tournament so here’s the current plate, featuring several events I’ve run over the past couple of years:

Joe Lunardi Bracketology Accuracy. I did this in 2009 and 2010, so with those old posts still getting site traffic I’ll have it again in 2011.

March Madness Simulated! This will be a hell of a lot harder to do than previous seasons due to the expansion of the field from 65 to 68, but I’ll get it done! Using, I simulate the entire tournament before the actual one begins and see what happens. Since the tourney starts on Tuesday I’m going to cram this all on Monday and Tuesday afternoon. I’m sure someone here would love to help.

Battle of the Losers 2011. Another feature for the simulation nerds. This is a fairly simple concept where  the 32 losers from the 2nd (formerly 1st) round play against each other after they’re re-seeded. To see it in action, click here. Like last year, the fantastic form of fictitiousness — this could be the first use of alliteration in this site’s history — will be run concurrently with the NCAA Tourney.

Live blogs. Tentatively, much like CBS and Turner, there will be wall-to-wall coverage of the entire tournament through the live-blog. The schedule is going to vary as all of us have lives, but live-blogs will be hosted here, Comeback Complete, and Keith’s Sports Journal.

The bracket predictions (and the subsequent shredding of them). Duh. I should give the bracket manager thing a shot, but I would not be caught dead using Yahoo Sports! even for something like that.

Game highlight Videos. ‘Cause you like ’em sooooo much.

The paucity of posts during February shall be compensated with a truckload of college basketball over the remainder of the month. Hopefully if we’re lucky, we’ll receive news that we’ll get to watch the NFL this September, too!

This is what you can expect on SSR. The Madness is here and I wish it could stay forever!


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