Big Ten Basketball is Just Embarrassing – Act II

Two years ago I wrote a post about the sloth-like pace of Big Ten Basketball. Penn State beat Illinois in a 38-33 explosion of points in a regular, 40 minute college basketball match. Tonight the Nittany Lions are featured again and they’ve managed to come up with an even lower scoring game than the one in 2009.

Penn State 36 Wisconsin 33

The two teams combined for 69 points on 28-90 shooting. Penn State did not have a SINGLE player reach 10 points. This game had all of 4 bench points from Wisconsin and 0 from Penn State. You know what’s the worst part of this nonsense? The 2nd half had FEWER POINTS than the 1st half! That’s right, it got worse as the game drudged on.

Wisconsin took 7:28 to score their first points of the night. Seriously. It was 14-0 Penn State and they barely doubled their total over the remaining 32:32.

Unbelievable. This is shockingly the lowest scoring game in Big Ten Tournament history and it should be burned from television archives for the sake of future generations.

Take the Pac-10 Tournament atmosphere and pair it with the boring play of Big Ten basketball and you will lose your sanity (and consciousness).


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