2011 March Madness Simulated: Southwest Region

I have to post these ASAP. There are thunderstorms rolling through my neck of the woods so internet reliability is in question. Here’s the Southwest Region of the bracket with the simulation/recaps coming from Justin from Comeback is Complete.

1st Round

#11 Southern California vs. #11 Virginia Commonwealth
People questioned VCU’s inclusion in the tournament, but there was absolutely no questioning the way they handled the Trojans in Dayton. VCU went 10-23, took the lead on the opening bucket, and never relinquished it. Virginia Commonwealth 69, Southern California 50


2nd Round

#16 Boston University vs. #1 Kansas
The Terriers sought to be the first 16 seed to ever upset a one seed. And for 30 minutes, they were able to hang with the Jayhawks, but unfortunately for Boston U., college basketball games are 40 minutes long. A 45-42 Kansas lead with 13:27 left quickly turned into a 58-47 margin and Boston would never get close again. Kansas 75, Boston 59
#9 Illinois vs. #8 UNLV
A classic 8-9 battle for sure. This game was tight throughout but with 3:51 left in the game, when Illinois lost something. Their ability to make a basket, to be precise. It was 60-60 at the 3:51 mark, what followed was a 9-0 run spanning the next three plus minutes and giving the Runnin’ Rebels of UNLV an opportunity to dance with Kansas. UNLV 75, Illinois 66
#12 Richmond vs. #5 Vanderbilt
The Big Ten watched this game and approved of how boring it was. Neither team shot greater than 36%. The less said about this one, the better. Vanderbilt 57, Richmond 48
#13 Morehead State vs. #4 Louisville
The NCAA Tournament Selection Committee has an agenda and Louisville playing a second team where Rick Pitino is not the butt of every joke is not a part of it. Luckily for Louisville’s sake, the Selection Committee does not control the outcome of games. As if offended by the name of the Kentucky school Louisville was playing, the Cardinals came out angry and simply outclassed Morehead State in every aspect of the game. Another Southwest region game, another blowout. Louisville 73, Morehead State 51
#11 Virginia Commonwealth vs. #6 Georgetown
Virginia Commonwealth did everything they could to keep this game close, but in the end, they were unable to make the necessary shots in the end. Even though this was a good and close game, VCU going cold down the stretch prevented any memorable finish. VCU was a putrid 11 of 19 from the free throw line, and in the end, that cost them big. Georgetown 71, Virginia Commonwealth 65
#14 Saint Peter’s vs. #3 Purdue
Up to this point in this point in the 2nd Round, it has entirely been chalk with all the better seeds advancing. Would the Peacocks of Saint Peter’s buck the trend by upsetting Purdue? It did not look good early with Purdue taking a 40-27 lead into halftime, but things started to change in the 2nd half. Saint Peter’s slowly chipped away at the Boilermaker lead and with 1:41 left in the game, the Peacocks took the lead, 65-64. Purdue turned it over on the ensuing possession and Jenkins connected with a 3 with 1:24 left! Purdue would get a 2, Saint Peter’s would get another three. Purdue could come back with a basket plus a free throw with 57 seconds left! 2-point Saint Peter’s lead. Could they hang on? YES THEY COULD! Purdue would not score again, and Saint Peter’s pulled the first upset in the Southwest Region! Incredible! Saint Peter’s 73, Purdue 69
#10 Florida State vs. #7 Texas A&M
When this game was first announced, everyone feared the worst: A boring Big Ten Classic that could challenge Penn State and Wisconsin’s 36-33 epic. Fortunately, the teams combined for a total of 138 points. Unfortunately, Florida State took an early lead and would never be threatened by the Aggies, thus making for a boring blowout. But hey, at least there were points! Florida State 74, Texas A&M 64
#15 Akron vs. #2 Notre Dame
Akron did not waste any time getting out to a 14-point lead against the Fighting Irish in the first half. But would it be enough to weather the Notre Dame storm in the second half? Not exactly. Notre Dame took the lead back, and even though Abreu cut the Irish lead to three with 22 seconds left, Notre Dame made some free throws and Akron would go the rest of the game without points. A valiant effort from the Zips, but in the end, they were just short. Notre Dame 77, Akron 72._________________________

3rd Round

#8 UNLV vs. #1 Kansas
Kansas jumped out to an 11-point lead at halftime, but that did not stop UNLV from coming back and making a game of it in the 2nd half. After being down by as many as 18, UNLV stormed back. In fact they got it to a 1-point game with 2:44 left! Could they take the lead. A minute goes by, no one is able to score. Then after a foul, Tyshawn Taylor makes 2 free throws for Kansas. 3-point game. But Lopez the other way responds right away! Still a 1-point game. Can UNLV pull off the improbable comeback against the top seed? Lopez is fouled with 1:06 left! Chance to take the lead for UNLV. Lopez bricks the first. AND THE SECOND! Kansas still leads. Under a minute left, and Robinson with a pull up jumper! 3-point lead. Kansas foul Tre’Von Willis with 44 seconds left. He can only manage 1 free throw. Morningstar rebounds the missed 2nd free throw. Kansas killing the clock. UNLV playing D. 11 seconds, Morris attempts a dagger jumper, NO! REBOUND UNLV! 10 SECONDS LEFT! 2-POINT GAME! CAN UNLV DO IT? 3 SECONDS LEFT! 2! LOPEZ WITH THE JUMPER TO TIE…..NO GOOD! REBOUND MORRIS AND THE CLOCK EXPIRES! Kansas survives a tension filled second half! Kansas 69, UNLV 67
#5 Vanderbilt vs. #4 Louisville
Louisville shot 54.2% and they continued their mean streak. Last time they blew out Morehead State, this time they blew out the Commodores of Vanderbilt. From the opening tip, this game was never in doubt for Rick Pitino’s side. Louisville 84, Vanderbilt 64
#14 Saint Peter’s vs. #6 Georgetown
The Peacocks shocked the world when they beat Purdue, but now they would have to do it again to beat Georgetown. And in the first half, Saint Peter’s kept the game close the entire time. As the second half dawned, Georgetown was able to slowly grab a lead and even though they were never able to fully pull away from Saint Peter’s, the Peacocks were all out of runs and were unable to provide another upset. Georgetown 70, Saint Peter’s 59
#10 Florida State vs. #2 Notre Dame
Florida State took a 4-point lead into the locker room and were feeling pretty good about themselves. The game remained tight in the second half, but then with Florida State up 55-52, Notre Dame went on a 17-2 run spanning over seven minutes and essentially putting this game out of reach. Notre Dame 72, Florida State 63

Sweet Sixteen

#4 Louisville vs. #1 Kansas
An exciting back and forth first half resulted in a 41-41 tie going into the locker room. Surely that would mean sparks would fly in the second half, right? Well, in true Southwest Region form, that would not happen. Kansas went on a 16-4 run early in the second half that Louisville would never recover from. The fact that Louisville was a horrid 14 of 27 from the charity stripe did not help their cause, either. Kansas 80, Louisville 65
#6 Georgetown vs. #2 Notre Dame
This region loves sticking true to form! Notre Dame got a first half lead, expanded it in the second half, and despite Georgetown making a 14-2 run to end the game, they still lost by 6 points and the lead was never in real doubt. A blowout with the higher seed winning? In the Southwest region? Has this happened before? Notre Dame 66, Georgetown 60

Elite Eight

#2 Notre Dame vs. #1 Kansas
Outside of Saint Peter’s upsetting Purdue, this has been a region consisting mostly of chalk. And as evidence of that, the Southwest Regional Final is the 2-seeded Fighting Irish of Notre Dane taking on the 1-seeded Jayhawks of Kansas. The first half of the first half saw a tight affair, but then Kansas got hot. Up 23-20 with 12 minutes left in the first half, Kansas closed out the half by outscoring Notre Dame 28-12, giving the Jayhawks a whopping 51-32 lead at the break. And despite many efforts, Notre Dame was never quite able to get the deficit in single digits in the 2nd half. Kansas shot an amazing 59% from the field, and while Notre Dame did not by any means have a bad game, Kansas was simply superb. In yet another anti-climatic game, the Kansas Jayhawks win the Southwest Region and advance to the Final Four in Houston! Kansas 95, Notre Dame 81
Ohio State, Tennessee, and Kansas are through to the Final Four. What will happen in the final region? It’s coming later today.
NEXT REGION: Southeast

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