Four More Years!


I made a concerted effort not to forget….and it paid off. Four years ago today Stupid Sideline Reporters was spawned. It started under Blogspot before a move to the vastly superior and far more advanced WordPress later that fall. Didn’t think I’d manage to last four years, much less have  “ssreporters wordpress com” show up as one of the suggested searches in Google (seriously try it out).

Site traffic has been phenomenal lately and 10,000 views for the month looks extremely likely. Many thanks to all who visit regularly, sparsely, or came here because they typed in something about Joe Lunardi.

What’s the future? World domination. Well I do have one that’s in the cards and more details will be announced sometime in early May. Additionally over the next few weeks I will be taking down several posts with broken video links as frankly they’re quite useless right now. But for now things stay the same. The only possibility is an increase in non-sports related writing but not politics or religion. After all, there is a lot of brilliant material you can get just scouring the internet (don’t worry, 4Chan is verboten here).

You may now carry on with your day as I pat myself on the back….


Sound off.....

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