The New Nick Garcia

….Is Ty Harden. This weekend was a grease fire for me. Washington botched a chance to upset North Carolina despite nearly the entire team fouling out by halftime, Jon Jones made my proclamations (on other sites) that Mauricio Rua would destroy him look foolish, and Toronto FC played a soccer game.

Back to the subject at hand, TFC lost 4-2 in Vancouver against the expansion Whitecaps. FOUR GOALS! It cannot be humanly possible to take five years to get a decent backline. With Nick Garcia gone I quickly needed someone to blame, and just like that I have my answer.

Ty Harden does none of the following:

– Track his man

– Mark anyone on set pieces

– Control the ball

– Play the offside trap properly


Harden was at hand for several of Vancouver’s chacnes and subsequent goals. The clincher for me was early in the 2nd half when he passed the ball straight to Atiba Harris 40 yards from goal and with no one behind him. Luckily Harris didn’t score on that chance (instead he scored off a corner with no one bothering to pick him up).

When Harden started he made everything disjointed. Adrian Cann, who normally starts at CB, played LB and was as slow as molasses and played the worst game of his career. Aron Winter has to stop screwing around and nip this thing in the bud right now. Put Cann back at CB with Nana Attakora and superglue Harden to the bench.

I told you this season would suck.


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