Battle of the Losers 2011!

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I love doing simulations! Everyone’s favorite “Second Chance Tournament” is back with a cast of 32 teams bounced from the “2nd round” of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament looking to redeem themselves as they match up against each other.

Previous winners:

2010 – Georgetown def. Texas 70-61

2009 – Minnesota def. West Virginia 73-64

2008 – UConn def. Gonzaga 82-79

The format is simple, all of the losers from the 2nd round of the tournament will be re-seeded from #1 to #8 for each region (they’ll stay in their assigned regions). So for example, #4 Louisville lost so they’ll be the #1 seed in the Southwest Region, Vanderbilt is #2, Boston U is #8, and so on. All games are simulated through and I’ll do all of the regions and finish off with a 3rd place game and title game. Simple? Let’s unveil the schedule!


#1 Xavier vs. #8 UT-San Antonio

#4 Clemson vs. #5 Princeton

#2 Villanova vs. #7 Long Island

#3 Georgia vs. #6 Indiana State


#1 Tennessee vs. #8 Hampton

#4 Memphis vs. #5 Oakland

#2 Penn State vs. #7 Northern Coloardo

#3 Missouri vs. #6 Bucknell


#1 Louisville vs. #8 Boston U

#4 Texas A&M vs. #5 UNLV

#2 Vanderbilt vs. #7 Akron

#3 Georgetown vs. #6 St. Peter’s


#1 St. John’s vs. #8 UNC-Asheville

#4 Utah State vs. #5 Belmont

#2 Old Dominion vs. #7 UC-Santa Barbara

#3 Michigan State vs. #6 Wofford

Personally I think the Southwest Region is the deepest of them all and the West is the worst by far because every seed from #9-16 lost in the real-life tourney. Hopefully Tennessee can get to the Final Four of this simulation, too.

First Simulated Region: East


4 thoughts on “Battle of the Losers 2011!

  1. Justin F.

    I’m personally rooting for ajron. They are quite the top notch basketball program whose first round ouster was an incredible injustice to basketball. ;-)

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