VCU 71 Kansas 61 – Bracket Cooked

I am 100% sure all of you had Virginia Commonwealth vs. Butler in the Final Four. Well, not me because after VCU’s stunning 71-61 win over Kansas I am now stuck on 99 points in my bracket competition and it is officially busted. Shaka Smart and Brad Stevens are by far the best young coaches in basketball and probably two of the top in the country, overall. VCU went from First Four to the Final Four and Butler knocked off the #1, #4, and #2 seeds all within 7 points to return to the Final Four. How did this happen? I have on clue. VCU’s three-point shooting was excellent, Kansas’ offense was stymied particularly in the low-post with the Morris twins, and they maintained their composure after nearly blowing their 18 point lead in the 2nd half of today’s game.

Due to my profound hatred of North Carolina and Kentucky I guess it’s time to root for Butler or VCU to win it all. Let the little guy win so ESPN can televise a VCU game to start the new season. Congratulations to the Rams on a remarkable run and I can’t wait for VCU/Butler next Saturday.


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