Battle of the Losers 2011 – East Region

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You should know how this tournament works by now. Justin F kindly helped me out with the first region, which is after the jump….

1st Round

#1 Xavier vs. #8 UT-San Antonio
Xavier started the game by jumping out to a lead with a three and expanded upon that lead as the half went throughout.  The Musketeers led 39-27 at the break and looked to be in control of things but the 2nd half started and UTSA found a second wind.  They clawed their way back into the game and with 11:23 left in the 2nd half had trimmed the deficit to three.  Some back and forth action followed, with Hill making a 3 with 7:47 left to cut the lead to 2!  Could the Roadrunners pull off the significant upset?  They would continue to fight in the game, but with Xavier leading 57-55, the Musketeers would go on an 8-0 run capped by a Robinson 3 with 2:42 left to make it 65-55 Xavier.  UTSA would continue fighting, even trimming the lead to 6 with 1:20 left!  But that is as close as they would get.  They were forced to foul Xavier who made FTs while UTSA would go the rest of the game without a basket.  Xavier 68, UTSA 59
#4 Clemson vs. #5 Princeton
Nerds can ball…….they just cannot ball well in the BOTL.  Clemson made 11 of 22 three-pointers in a game that was not as close as the final score might indicate.  Clemson 64, Princeton 53
#2 Villanova vs. #7 Long Island
Olasewere hit the first basket of the game for the Long Island Blackbirds and from that moment on, the game was on.  LIU would have a lead as big as 7 in the first half and even though Villanova would take a brief lead towards the end of the half, LIU still headed to the locker room tied with Villanova at 38.  Then the 2nd half started and Villanova jumped out to a 8-point lead with 12:26 left only to once again, struggle maintaining it down the stretch.    In fact, with 7:35 left, LIU took a 59-58 lead.  From there, a series of free throws would tie the game at 60 with 6:32 left.  Villanova follow up a series of bricks and offensive rebounds with an Armwood basket.  5:03 left.  Johnson misses for LIU and Pena connects for Villanova.  But Olawewere buries a step back jumper for 2.  64-62 Nova.  3:56 left.  Olasewere is fouled and makes both FTs.  64 all.  Stokes is fouled and makes a free throw.  The bank is then open for Wayns after Olasewere missed 2 FTs.  3-point Villanova lead with 3 minutes left.  Could they finally hang on in the final few moments of a game?  Look out!  Hicks with a 3!  Tie game, 2:12 left!  Armwood with a runner!  2:04 left!  Villanova by 2.    Onyechi can’t connect!  Johnson for 3….NO!  Rebound Sutton!  Bell for 3 with 1:21 left…..NO!  Rebound Onyechi.  OH!  A NO LOOK PASS TO OLASEWERE WITH 1:09 LEFT!  TIE GAME AT 69!  Bell takes the inbounds and quickly shoots a fadeaway and MISSES!  Rebound LIU!  Hicks with a long 2…NO!  REBOUND KYLE JOHNSON!  47 SECONDS LEFT!  TICK…TICK….BRICKMAN HITS A THREE WITH 36 SECONDS LEFT!!!!!!!  LONG ISLAND LEAD!  72-69!  TICK!  TICK!  VILLANOVA LETTING THE CLOCK WIND DOWN!  IS THIS A MISTAKE?  TICK!  TICK!  10!  5!  STOKES FOR 3 AND TO TIE…..NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!  REBOUND KYLE JOHNSON WITH 3 SECONDS LEFT AND THE BLACKBIRDS WILL RUN OUT THE CLOCK!!!!!!! LONG ISLAND PULL THE UPSET!!!!!!!!  72-69!  VILLANOVA BLEW IT AGAIN!  Long Island 72, Villanova 69
#3 Georgia vs. #6 Indiana State
The Sycamores came into this game determined to give the Georgia Bulldogs a run for their money, and that they did.  Indiana State kept it close for 30 minutes and even held a 39-36 lead in the 2nd half.  But then Georgia went on a 14-2 run and despite their best efforts, Indiana State could never narrow the deficit to less than 4 and never threatened at the end of the game.  Georgia 62, Indiana State 53


Sweet 16

#1 Xavier vs. #4 Clemson
I feel bad for people that had to watch this game, because in all honesty, it was not pretty.  Xavier shot 35.2%.  Clemson shot 39.6%.  Neither team shot well from three.  And yet, despite lots of mediocrity, this game was a blowout.  Clemson led by 17 at the half, Xavier redeemed themselves a bit in the 2nd half, but nowhere near enough to make the game interesting or entertaining.  On the whole, this upset was very forgettable and Xavier’s bid to be the first mid-major team to win BOTL goes up in flames.  Clemson 65, Xavier 53

#3 Georgia vs. #7 Long Island
The first half of this one started out with some incredible back and forth basketball, but an 11-4 Georgia run gave them a 20-13 lead and control of the game, although credit to LIU they continued to battle, even as Georgia’s lead expanded to 9.  In fact, they would go into the locker room with a lead, up 40-39.  Clearly, that rally gave LIU momentum because they were on fire before the under 16 media timeout.  They expanded their lead to 8 and before Georgia started responding, although eventually LIU got their lead out to 11.  Could Georgia fight back and avoid the upset?  They tried to, and pulled within 5 with 1:22 left with a Robinson turnaround, but missed Georgia baskets and made Long Island free throws secured the shocking upset!  Long Island are going to the East Region Finals in the 2011 BOTL!  Long Island 82, Georgia 71

Elite 8

#4 Clemson vs. #7 Long Island
Long Island were upset-minded once again.  Xavier could not be the first from the Other 25 to win BOTL, but the Blackbirds of Long Island sure had that determination.  The first half was a back and forth exciting basketball game for all to enjoy with Grant making a jumper at the buzzer to give Clemson a 39-36 halftime lead. Then the second half started.  Young for 3.  Stitt with a tip in.  Young makes a 3.  Olaswere’s pass is stolen.  Young makes another 3.  Baciu tips it in.  Baciu tips it in.  Grant drills a jumper.  It’s a 33-10 run.  It’s the end of a dream.  And the birth of another.  It is Clemson going to the BOTL Final Four.  Clemson 93, Long Island 66


Clemson makes a return to the BOTL Final Four. In an alarmingly true twist of fate, Clemson is the only team to appear in every BOTL. In 2008 they were knocked out in the first round by Vanderbilt, in 2009 they finished in 3rd after reaching the Final Four, 2010 they were knocked out in the Elite 8, and now they return to the Final Four in 2011.

NEXT REGION: Southwest


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