Battle of the Losers 2011 – Final Four

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The Final Four of BOTL is here. This is how the tournament works, and here is how Tennessee, Clemson, Georgetown, and Utah State made it this far.
Trust me, these simulated results are way better than last night’s UConn/Butler championship game.
#1 Tennessee vs. #4 Clemson
Both Tennessee and Clemson flexed their muscle in the regional part of the BOTL. With both teams meeting in the BOTL Final Four, something had to give. A tightly contested first half which saw Clemson lead 34-28 gave way to not as tightly contested second half which saw Clemson take that lead and add to it. Multiple spots in the half, the Tigers were up by double digits, but Tennessee would not go down without a fight. Tatum connected on a 3 with 1:45 left to pull the Vols within 3! 3-point game. Tanner Smith is fouled and makes both FTs. 5-point game. Tatum misses the turnaround, Baciu comes up with the rebound for Clemson AND BURIES THE THREE! 7-POINT GAME! HOPSON THE OTHER WAY WITH A 3! 67-63 Clemson with 42 seconds left. Jennings is fouled. He connects with the front end of a 1-and-1, and the back end. HARRIS LOSES THE BALL! TENNESSEE FOUL! Free throws go down, Tennessee brick more shots, and CLEMSON ARE GOING TO THE BOTL NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP! Clemson 72, Tennessee 63

#3 Georgetown vs. #4 Utah State

I can’t make this up, but this game ended with the same scoreline as the other semifinal. Utah State was up 22-11 at one stage in the 1st half before the Hoyas slowly chipped away at it and found themselves behind by just 3 at halftime. The Aggies jumped the lead back up to 8 before a 12-4 run evened things up at 53-53 on a Hollis Thompson 3-pointer. At 60-60 the Hoyas would take the lead for good on an Austin Freeman triple, Georgetown’s 10th of the game on 18 shots, and they’re moving to the final to defend their title. Georgetown 72 Utah State 63


Tomorrow’s Schedule:

3rd Place – Tennessee vs. Utah State

BOTL Title Game – Georgetown vs. Clemson

How about that? Georgetown can be the first repeat champion with a win tomorrow. But Clemson has other plans in their quest to finally break their BOTL jinx.


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