Ray “Stay on Your Feet” Wilkins Has a Dirty Dirty Mind


Stay on your feet! Stay on your feet!


I can’t embed this video (my only criticism of WordPress) but just click on it and tell me Sky Sports co-commentator Ray Wilkins didn’t say what I thought he said.


“For someone who has been injured for a few [weeks], Cristiano Ronaldo, you’d have thought he’d have been tugged off” – Ray Wilkins

I mean what else fits? Tucked off doesn’t make any sense so he must have said “tugged off”. Well I know Ronaldo is an excellent player but I didn’t know his contract came with something as um…*ahem* lucrative as that one. I assume this is why he left Manchester United.

Wilkins was bizarre tonight calling the UEFA Champions League Quarterfinals 1st leg between Real Madrid and Tottenham. The whole game he referred to Tottenham as “we” despite having never played or managed the team, and using the term “stay on your feet” over and over and over again to the point where it became a trending topic on Twitter. Something tells me Tottenham isn’t the only one who put up a stinker of a game tonight.


2 thoughts on “Ray “Stay on Your Feet” Wilkins Has a Dirty Dirty Mind

    1. Mookie Post author

      Between Andy Gray/Richard Keys and now Ray Wilkins you have to say Sky have so many legendary quotes they’ve had come through this season.


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