VIDEO: Chicago Blackhawks Awarded Controversial “Goal”

The NHL offices probably decided that we must have the Chicago Blackhawks in the playoffs, especially given a pesky low-ratings team in the Calgary Flames  was on their heels in the playoff chase. Tonight against the St. Louis Blues, down 2-0, Marian Hossa was awarded a goal. Despite numerous replays the folks in Toronto decided the goal was valid. Huh?

Hossa kicked the puck, it never touched his stick, it never crossed the line, no matter how you look at it there is no way that should’ve been a goal. At a minimum, it should’ve been disallowed for Hossa’s kicking motion as I see nothing to suggest the puck touched Hossa’s stick on the way towards the far post.

As far as the puck being over the line…..yeah it wasn’t. This is the best screenshot I can give you to show that the whole of the puck did not cross the whole of the line. Pay close attention to the goalpost at the top of the picture. I froze it just before Ty Conklin covered it up. If you watched the video there’s no possible way the puck crossed the line from this frozen image to Conklin covering it with his glove.

You can see part of the puck clearly on the red line. Where’s the goal?

Chicago won 4-3 in OT to get 2 points, and with Anaheim’s win tonight, the Flames are eliminated from playoff contention. Yep. I dare anyone to tell me that what I just witnessed was a legal and valid goal.

I hope the Vancouver Canucks face Chicago and annihilate them in the playoffs.


5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Chicago Blackhawks Awarded Controversial “Goal”

  1. Justin F.

    Excellent screenshot. I have no idea what the Toronto War Room was thinking. Okay, maybe without that screenshot it is inconclusive (your screenshot proves definitively it did not, but if Toronto was dumb enough to give the Blackhawks that, they may also be dumb enough to figure out screenshots and blowing images up) whether or not the puck crossed the line, but once Hossa kicked it clearly as he did, it is clear the puck does not touch anything until Conklin’s glove. Terrible call.

  2. Chris Ross

    Thanks for showing the vid. They need to start getting calls right but I think the ones that need to be fixing the call are not the fat cats in the Toronto war room. It’s ridiculous that guys who care about ratings and marketing for the league are also making crucial decisions for playoff implications etc. I wish they would do something about this because this is hurting the league more than it is helping it right now. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I’d love to hear what you have to say.

  3. Bob Bertrand

    My initial reaction was that it was not a goal on both counts. I watched the original feed; what your freeze frame doesn’t show is that the puck went vertical for a moment, and there WAS white space between the puck and the goal line; there was a brief moment where it was verical and there was white space – but even thru all of this, I’m thinking – no damned goal – Hossa kicked at it – distinct kicking motion – very clear (and I’m not a fan of the rule change where players can deliberately direct the puck in – this isn’t soccer); however , although really close, the same original feed video shows that after Hossa kicked it and most definately before it crossed the line, Hossa touched the puck, making it a legal goal. So even though I originally thought it was no goal on two counts, after further review – goal. Damned lucky one, but goal.

    1. Mookie Post author

      But how can an east-west swing cause the puck to go north? The only physically possible way for this to happen is if he grazed the puck at an angle that would cause it to change directions. I haven’t really seen conclusive evidence of this.

      If the Stars stumble then this goal becomes inconsequential. But for now a debatable goal looks like it could be somewhat of a difference between Dallas and Chicago’s playoff fate.

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