Man Utd 2 Chelsea 1: Chelsea Dagger

It's almost time to get reacquainted with each other.

Classes now prevent me from watching any UEFA Champions League games during mid-week but that doesn’t mean I can’t catch the results. Chelsea will end the season with no trophies after Manchester United rightly put them in their place (the dumpster) with a 2-1 win tonight and a 3-1 aggregate scoreline. We’re heading for the semifinals with a realistic shot at a Cup Treble.

Obviously I can’t comment on the game until I catch a replay of it later tonight but two things:

1.) Isn’t Javier Hernandez the greatest steal of the century? Already he’s got 17 goals on the season including the one that doubled Man Utd’s advantage to 2-0. And all for just £6,000,000? And to think, we could’ve overpaid for a clearly out-of-form and out-of-place Fernando Torres. Can’t wait until he finally scores, which of course won’t happen until next season when Didier Drogba is elsewhere.

2.) Chelsea must get younger. I am not interested in arguments that state Chelsea are relatively even with Manchester United in terms of squad quality. We’ve got the better depth and it shows when Javier Hernandez is our 3rd choice forward and he’s a goal glutton, while Chelsea’s 3rd forward prior to the Torres signing was Solomon Kalou. Tomasz Kusczak vs. Ross Turnbull? Give me Tomasz every day. You want a fun fact? Nine of Chelsea’s twenty-two senior squad players are at least 30 years old. Don’t expect Drogba, Nicolas Anelka, John Terry, Frank Lampard, etc. to be in top form much longer. They’re on their last legs and it’s showing with their drop in play this year.


I’m a fairly pleased man, right now. While Carlo Ancelotti manages himself out of a job we’re just quietly moving towards an unprecedented season of success.

Semifinals is next against either Schalke or Inter Milan, and right now it’s certainly looking like Schalke with their 5-2 advantage after the 1st leg at the San Siro. I feel like the trophy cabinet needs another European Cup. Chelsea sure wish that they could win one of these in the near future seeing as they’re one of the “best teams in Europe”.


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