Arsenal 1 Liverpool 1: The Most Amazing Finish Ever

I can’t believe that just happened. Arsenal looked to be out of the Premier League title race once and for all when they were being held to a 0-0 against a very tough Liverpool side. With 8 minutes of stoppage time added after a nasty head injury to Jamie Carragher (rendering him unconscious for a few minutes), Arsenal were awarded a penalty after Jay Spearing tripped Cesc Fabregas in the penalty box. Robin Van Persie scored what looked like a 98th minute winner. Van Persie was booked for taking his shirt off in the celebrations and the referee added more time on the clock due to the delay in the action. Liverpool’s Dirk Kuyt promptly tried to catch Arsenal GK Wojciech Szczesny off his line from the restart and from then on Kenny Dalglish’s team kept pressing with so little time remaining. In the 100th minute, Luis Suarez had a free kick chance taken literally inches away from the penalty area. Astonishingly, it was deflected away but not out of the area, Andre Marriner did not blow his whistle for full-time, and Emmanuel Eboue stupidly ran over Lucas…..for a 101st minute penalty. Kuyt stepped up and scored with the last kick of the game and left Arsenal fans at The Emirates absolutely stunned. It is the latest goal ever scored in the history of the Premier League and it’s got to be curtains for Arsenal’s title chances.

I wish I could put a video in here showing you the ending, but it would just get taken down by the very strict Premier League/FA watchdogs.

The highlight of the game of course was after the full-time whistle had gone, and the two managers went to “greet” each other. Arsene Wenger was obviously livid and was in no mood to shake hands with Kenny Dalglish, so Dalglish kindly told him the following:

“PISS OFF!” – King Kenny

And funnily enough, today Arsenal pissed off their fans by pissing away their title chances in one of the most remarkable finishes in Premier League history.

Let’s just say this Manchester United fan has no problems with what transpired today.


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