Seattle Seahawks 2011 Schedule Released

Can you play quarterback, too?

The defending NFC West champions have an interesting start to the season. Opening games on the road in the first two weeks against a division rival and Pittsburgh. We love you too, NFL. Sigh. Schedule is after the jump.

Week 1 – @ San Francisco 49ers, 1:15 PM, FOX
Week 2 – @ Pittsburgh Steelers, 10:00 AM, FOX
Week 3 – vs. Arizona Cardinals, 1:15 PM, FOX
Week 4 – vs. Atlanta Falcons, 1:05 PM, FOX
Week 5 – @ New York Giants, 10:00 AM, FOX
Week 6 – vs. BYE, Anytime, Any Network
Week 7 – @ Cleveland Browns, 10:00 AM, FOX
Week 8 – vs. Cincinnati Bengals, 1:15 PM, CBS
Week 9 – @ Dallas Cowboys, 10:00 AM, FOX
Week 10 – vs. Baltimore Ravens, 1:05 PM, CBS
Week 11 – @ St. Louis Rams, 1:05 PM, FOX
Week 12 – vs. Washington Redskins, 1:05 PM, FOX
Week 13 (Dec. 1st) – vs. Philadelphia Eagles, 5:20 PM, NFL Network
Week 14 (Dec. 12th) – vs. St. Louis Rams, 5:30 PM, ESPN
Week 15 – @ Chicago Bears, 10:00 AM, FOX
Week 16 – vs. San Francisco 49ers, 1:15 PM, FOX
Week 17 – @ Arizona Cardinals, 1:15 PM, FOX

Two home games on national TV!!!!! WHOOOO!!!! Hopefully we have something to play for because I’d hate to be a cranky person dealing with a 2 win team. Then again, 2 wins may only leave you 1-2 games out of the NFC West race in December.

The NFL Draft is next week and look for me to bitch and whine about Seattle’s QB situation until they either trade for Kevin Kolb (sure it can’t hurt) or draft one of Colin Kapernick, Cam Newton, or Andy Dalton.

It is April and that means our football blood is rejuvenated before waiting around until the preseason kicks off. This year may be a little different as right now this entire schedule could be moot if the season is canceled and we’re left with more free time on Sundays.


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