2011 Seattle Seahawks Draft “Preview” – Quarterback

*Dusts off cobwebs from NFL brain*

I guess we’re going to have football after all. Don’t ask me, legal jargon is not my thing and right now I’ll assume we’ll have a 2011 NFL Season.

Tonight is the first day of the NFL Draft. I have been so out of the loop with Mock Drafts I am going to be completely unfamiliar with many of the players selected tonight. Why? Because this draft class is terrible and the only supremely interesting QB decided to stay at Stanford for another year.

So with the Seahawks set to pick at #25 and #57 for the opening rounds, I only have one request – Quarterback. If you aren’t going to trade for Kevin Kolb or (hopefully not) Carson Palmer, then get off of your asses and bring in fresh blood at QB. Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, Colin Kapernick, Christian Ponder, etc. are acceptable draft picks.

Jake Locker and Ryan Mallett are the only QBs I have a “do not touch” sign on. Locker has the physical tools but he is just too erratic to be a successful NFL QB. Eventually blaming his (admittedly bad) supporting cast can’t work. We’re only going on potential based on physicality, not his ability to read defenses, avoid pressure, etc. Ryan Mallett has the pocket presence of the Venus De Milo and that terrifies me.

QUARTERBACK, Schneider and Carroll. QUARTERBACK. Not HASSELBECK. QUARTERBACK. I’m going to be livid if Seattle doesn’t choose a QB in the 1st or 2nd round then proceeds to stay the course with Hasselbeck and Whitehurst.

As far as other positions to fill, I would like Gabe Carimi from Wisconsin to replace the dreadful Sean Locklear at RT. Seattle has a lot of holes to fill but for today they need to aim for the right side of the o-line and QB.

We’ll see how this plays out. I haven’t been this uninterested in an NFL Draft in my lifetime.


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