All Aboard the Fail Train

This is a goal.......

These are the types of weekends that prevent me from making this blog jovial and bright but instead dark, gloomy, and dreading the immediate and long-term future.


Chelsea 2 Tottenham 1. Thank you, linesmen. So between that above picture, the missed offside on the winning goal, the penalty to win the game against Man Utd in March, the “goal” against Wigan in which Fernando Torres clearly fouled the goalkeeper, has Chelsea’s “luck” evened out? Yes it has. You wanted a competitive title race? The incompetent officiating benefits Chelsea AGAIN. But this wouldn’t be an issue in the first place if the team in 1st would just win on the road. (More on them later)

Seattle Sounders FC 3 Toronto FC 0. They’re worse than I thought. Wanna bet Aron Winter quits midseason? We’re never getting better, we’re only getting worse.

Nashville Predators 2 Vancouver Canucks 1 (2OT). Great, lose home-ice and run into a fantastic goalie in Pekka Rinne. This probably won’t end well.

Seahawks don’t draft a QB. Fine. Weak QB class? Understandable. But they didn’t even draft a project QB in the later rounds. This almost certainly means that we’ll need to trade for Kevin Kolb or Carson Palmer. *Shudders*


Arsenal 1 Manchester United 0. Just a typical road performance. So now Man Utd have no choice but to get a result against Chelsea next week or else the title is no longer in their hands. We need a new midfield immediately. No more Michael Carrick and Anderson running around like headless chickens.

Sometimes I hate sports.


2 thoughts on “All Aboard the Fail Train

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