UFC 129 GIFS OF THE DAY: Machida’s Crane Kick and Makdessi’s Spinning Backfist

The saving grace of a terrible sports weekend was the fantastic event that was UFC 129 in Toronto. Over 55,000 were in attendance to witness an epic card featuring brutal finishes, epic wars, and Georges St. Pierre windmilling right hands towards a rather uneventful (and predictable) decision win over Jake Shields. Two of the best finishes from the show came from Lyoto Machida and John Makdessi. Machida easily defeated 47-year-old Randy Couture to end Couture’s illustrious career, as “The Natural” announced his retirement in the post-fight interview. He’s done that before but at 47 he has to be finished now. Machida was too fast for Randy and in the 2nd round unleashed a flying front crane kick that would make Mr. Miyagi and Ralph Macchio proud.

Machida took KO of the Night honors with this thunderous stoppage.

The frontrunner for the $129,000 KOTN bonus was earlier in the evening on the preliminary portion of the show. John Makdessi was dominating former Ultimate Fighter alum Kyle Watson, and the Canadian finished the fight with a spectacular spinning backfist KO, reminiscent of Shonie Carter against Matt Serra.

Those are just two of the top GIFs of a wonderful night of fights. The UFC could not have asked for a better overall event and it was truly a landmark moment for MMA.


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