Try to Choke This Away, Dallas

A 3-0 series lead against the two-time defending champions. You created panic by rallying to win game 1, then blew them out in game 2, now you’ve gotten them in a close 3rd game tonight. Pau Gasol is playing some of the worst basketball I’ve seen from him since the 2008 NBA Finals. Ron Artest is crazy again. The whole locker room seems to be depressed.

Try and blow it, Mavericks. Try and best your 2006 NBA Finals collapse, first-round exit to the #8 Golden State Warriors, five game early exit to the #7 San Antonio Spurs last year, and other chokes I haven’t listed here.

OR, end this thing ASAP and shatter the NBA’s dreams of Lakers/Heat once and for all.

Show of hands – Who had Marc Gasol getting further in the playoffs than Pau?


Sound off.....

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