Los Angeles Lakers Eliminated in Embarrassing Fashion (Hmmm….This Sounds Familiar)

Pictured: Los Angeles Lakers.

2011 2nd Round (Game 4) – Dallas Mavericks 122 LA Lakers 86 (2nd worst loss in franchise history)

How nice of the Lakers to send the greatest coach in NBA history off on a high note! They’ve really perfected the art of the humiliating season-ending loss!

2008 NBA Finals (Game 6) – Boston Celtics 131 LA Lakers 92 (Worst loss in franchise history)
2007 1st Round (Game 5) – Phoenix Suns 119 LA Lakers 110
2006 1st Round (Game 7) – Phoenix Suns 121 LA Lakers 90 (3-1 series lead blown)
2004 NBA Finals (Game 5) – Detroit Pistons 100 LA Lakers 87 (Phil Jackson’s last game before “retirement”)
2003 2nd Round (Game 6) – San Antonio Spurs 110 LA Lakers 82

Over the last 6 playoff eliminations, the Lakers have managed several blowout defeats and now they’ve added one to their repertoire today. The only thing that’s separate from their wipeout against a superior team was they never really resorted to thuggery like a certain Andrew Bynum did….

Sore losers indeed. It’s also fitting that JJ Barea ended up scoring on that play as everything else was falling for Dallas.

How about them Mavericks? They dominated in two games and rallied from 4th quarter deficits in the other two and essentially made easy work of the defending champs. Who knew Peja Stojakovic and Jason Kidd would  A.) Still be in the NBA and B.) Get sweet revenge against the same team that haunted both of them in the early part of the millennium? Jason Terry was given acres of space to shoot from beyond the arc and the Lakers had no answer. Time to get some actual shooters so that when Bynum and Gasol aren’t effective there is indeed a backup plan that doesn’t involve Kobe scoring all the points.

Can’t wait for the Western Conference Finals now. Dallas’ opponent is irrelevant as I guarantee viewers will enjoy Dallas vs. Memphis or Dallas vs. Oklahoma City.


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